I love the smell of Facism in the Morning...

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  1. Smells like... World Domination :hello:
    Warrantless Wiretapping Cases Dismissed Against Telecom Companies - Yahoo! Finance

  2. Wow, Americans are screwed. Good thing I seceded this morning.
  3. hold on hold on

    i'm an goddam american! im fucken perfect
  4. Nice post.

    Smells like nasty crotch rot to me. :smoking:
  5. This has to be old news.. that was GW Bush stuff.. not Obama. :rolleyes:
  6. Nothing wrong with this "wiretapping" which is actually call logging, not "tapping". Its very misrepresented in the media.

    If it were a problem, I would have been arrested for calling my drug dealer.
  7. Are you serious? Obama has been fighting to keep this program going since he took the white house.
  8. That's because you aren't worth anything to the gunverment. If you ever become an enemy of the corporate state, a la Elliot Spitzer, you will wish they hadn't logged all your phone calls. But if loyalism is your bag then you have no worries.
  9. If I'm an enemy of the state I probably should have my calls logged.

    And I'm not worth anything to the government in this case because I'm not a terrorist.
    Federal wiretaps on prostitution rings have nothing to do with this.
  10. You're such a good American. :eek:
  11. I don't know whether to laugh or be scared that people are this tolerant of a blatant disregard for our liberty and privacy...
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    You dont have a right to privacy anyways, just the inherrent right not to let your privacy being invaded interfere with your REAL rights, just as this law does for everyone that isnt a terrorist.

    Do any of you even make overseas calls?
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    Yes I do actually. And the United States Government, has no right to be listening in on what I have to say. Not only that, but incase you haven't noticed, this is ALL the telecommunication companies in America. So not only are they 'Logging' your phone calls, they're also 'Logging' what you look at, & where you go on the internet & they're doing this all at the whim of the "U.S. Government." Now tell me, for someone who's lived in America all his life, is a blatant American Citizen... what Right does the entity known as the U.S. Govt., have in viewing everything I do from the privacy of MY Home?

    Thats my beef. And as far as im concerned, Fuck the "terrorists", they wouldnt have any reason to be 'terrorizing' us if they entity know as the U.S. Govt. didnt instigate them in the first place.

  14. The point is that the blatantly loose and vague interpretation of "terrorist" allows for a government with far too much power already to define their malcontents. Can I ask you how you're so trusting that the government will not abuse this power in self-interest?

    I believe your conversations should be included in the 4th amendment.
  15. Because I have no reason to believe the government would abuse it yet, and I dont like terrorists.

    And stupido, you're posting on a website about marijuana from the privacy of your home, not doubt incriminating yourself. Where's the problem? Evidence from a "wiretap" which again, isnt a tap, but a log of what numbers called what numbers, wouldnt be usable unless you're a terrorist.

    Yall are paranoid.
  16. So if I dissent from the current status quo, disagree wholeheartedly to current policy, and am an active campaigner for liberty, does the government have the right to search people like me?

    How do I know I'm safe to express my opinion when the dept. of Homeland Security decides to warn law enforcement about "right-wing extremists"? How do I know my privacy, my 4th amendment right, will be upheld?
  17. No, because you are not a terrorist.

    Because you have no reason not to yet, and that would be ridiculous. "Right wing extremists" blow up abortion clinics, so they would be something to potentially worry about.
  18. What's up y'all! Comin' at ya from sunny ignorant as piss Arkansas!

    I'm with Dale on this one! No one is infringing my civil rights yet, so... everything is cool as a cucumber!

    Gorilla tranquilizer sweet tea anyone?!
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    You know that poem, "First they came for..."

    Why would this be moved to Pandoras... [​IMG]
  20. Im fine with them coming for terrorists first. There hasnt really been a second so as of now, I'm right.

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