I Love The Loosers

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Digit, Aug 9, 2007.

  1. I love the loosers.
    psst, shsh... because the loosers, shsh, are actually the winners.
    but the loosers i really love the best, are the ones who know they're the winners, and like, have kinda stopped playing the looser, because, as everyone knows, everyone is a winner.

    I love the freaks, the mutants, the lamers, the flamers, the spammers, the manners. I love the shy guys, I love the shy gals. I love the dorks. I love the geeks, the nerds, the dweebs and the weirdos. I love the beatniks and the hippies, the rare birds and the queer ducks. Their pencils, their glasses. Their motorbikes their molasses. Their collections. Their over perfections. Their under perfections. Their eccentricities. Their eccentricities. Their eccentricities. The variety, the choice, the nooks and crannies, the "uncanny"s. I love all the difference, while always the same. We're the one and all, so splendid again. Actual Beauty, we've all won again. One once wasn't enough, Russian dolls we played in our heads, yet our hearts ever flowering, our gestures unearthing betraying disclosure, that knowing smile, the unsaid, the unnecessary wink. The glowing gnowing. Imaginative flowing. The gnowing glowing. Dreams reside. Our thoughts collide. Our thoughts collide. Throughout the ride, our thoughts collide.

    Stretch out wide.

    Stretch out wide.
  2. its..............just.............amazing.......as i was readng it.......im just speechless....

  3. Smoked some fine herb did ya man haha.

    Totally digged that.
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Fantastic stream of thoughts, I'm just waking up to this! Thanks!
  6. ahhhhhhhhhhh. :)

    now that i'm not in the slightest bit under the influence of cannabis....

    ... it still makes "um heap sense"! :D


  7. that had a nice flow, and (more?) importantly a good message. kudos.
  8. Well said and welcome back digit.

  9. uhh, doesnt that mean you're gonna hit the rep button and actually give me rep? :D:laughing::D

  10. Um, yeah. :) Yeah. :)
  11. Beautiful, seems to me like a mix up of Jim Morrison (the repetitions), along with some Rimbaud and Beat era poetry.. if you know what I mean. Of course its none of those things, but ehh ;):D
  12. And we (I) love you.:love:
  13. mind blowing!!!
  14. yeah... wooptarn. love smilie aughta been included in my original post.

    well, it hath arrived now anyway.

    :love: :love: :love:

  15. so very worth giving it the poetry reading treatment. :D got that on my phone now. wonder if i can set it up as my ringtone. :D

    go on... let rip.... read it out aloud to yourself..... or to an audience if it makes you feel it enough.

    this, at this moment, is my very upmost favourite post ever made here at grasscity. it makes me smile, it makes me tingle with energy. it gives me the same kind of woosh i get from a good tai chi session.

    throught the ride, our thoughts collide, stretch out wide.



    now give it a reading. :)

  16. +REP

    lol j/k I can't rep you digit.

  17. I put it on my orkut profile.

    But i ask. Isn't everybody a lOOser?
  18. i love all of it/them/us/everybody

    why make room for hate? why not be positive and create?
    what have you got to lose? did you ever have anything at all that was really yours that was at stake?

    nope! welcome to nirvana. or not ;)
    ill be your true guide tour guide
    wanna ride? nah you probably wouldnt enjoy the scenery as much if i was driving.

    afterall, the scenic route could be the most beautiful or boring thing you ever saw, make of it what you wish.
    or take time and fish,
    sift and lift it all apart, just dont forget to put the pieces back. .

    whether in the same spot, or just to fill the cracks.
  19. Relevant recently in my life again. :D

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