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i love the city!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mietoe, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. i was reading over some threads ive posted in the past year, looking at some reputation points people gave me. and i feel overwhelmed with love from members on the city.

    people like fakked, bobbert, DBW, 420420420 and many others have been posting in threads and discussing marijuana related subjects together for a long time. thank everyone so much for creating such a welcome enviorment.

    i feel at home in the city.

    love always your friend,
  2. ^^feel the same even tho i havent been here that long:hello:

  3. id say a year and 4 months is a pretty long time.

    im comming on 4 soon, wow.
  4. It's such a nice enviroment, and most people here are pretty friendly..
    I even met a member off the forums :smoke: Thanks GC, haha.
  5. yay for Grasscity! :hello:
  6. This is a great forum, it is rather stress/drama free. Most of the forums out ther end up imploding with drama. I guess us stoners are just more chill. :smoke:

    I would not be here if it was not for everyone else, you guys make it worth wile to post. :hello:

    I also think this is the most smily faces i have ever used in any post ever... like written history ever.
  7. awwww. Thank you for the compliment!

    I also love this place. The only thing I knew about weed when I got here was that I liked to smoke it. My knowledge and appreciation has grown 100x. (too bad I still have another 1000 miles to go. haha) The environment is chill most of the time (moreso than any other board I've been on). And the peeps are DYNOMITE. :smoke:
  8. hooray for the city! and dank!
  9. haven't been here long, but i'm slowly being drawn in by the forums and the general environment of them. i hope to become a regular contributor to the GC forums, and i couldn't agree more that the people here are welcoming and friendly.

    Rock on, stoners.
  10. adam it says Jul 2002, thats more than a year and 4 months:smoke::smoke:
  11. yeah the city is a great place if you gotta question or incident that happend and you want the opinion of more than ur smoking buddies this is the place to come so grass city +rep
  12. Yeah, Grasscity is lika a holy place to me.
  13. it would be so bomb if we had a gc convention. We could hotbox an entire city, it would look like L.A.
  14. Yeah, no cops would show up. :rolleyes:
  15. Maybe it's just because I'm so high, but damn if that didn't make me laugh. :D He was talking about you TokinBlue. :D

    And I've been rocking it since April '02, the City is indeed a very cool place filled with a lot of interesting people from every corner of the globe. :hello:
  16. Nevermind, I am too high and officially a dumbass. He wasn't talking about you after looking at your join date, he was talking about the orginal poster. Damn, I need a break. :smoking: :D
  17. hahaha but the original poster joined Feb 2005, that wouldnt be a year and a couple months, that just under 1 year lol i have no idea who he is talking about. ahh the stoner mind at work:smoke:

  18. you're stoned too because i clearly joined up in feb of 2004.
  19. ahhhh dang it all, yes i was stoned but getting close to normal, but now im completely blazed off my ass(still wouldnt have caught that unless you said it) haha guess indy was correct, shiiiiitt

  20. Hahaha, I thought he was talking about TokinBlue till i seen that post :smoke: ahh the highness^^ ByTheWay the City is awesome its were i got my first CCG spoon...

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