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I Love The City

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by FloatOn77, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. The city is like a second home for me, I love you guys and i love the city

    im in school right now and very bored. But all i mean to say is the city is best because its a place where people like you and me can shop and chat. All you guys kick ass and so does the city itself :smoke: :)
  2. :hello: Yeah......You are sooooo right!! :smoking:
  3. I lvoe the City and it's residents as well.

    *Best Cartman voice*

    "I love you guys....." :D

    COWBOYSAXMAN!!!!!!!!!!! Damn good to see you on the boards again my friend! Hope that life is treating you fair and that you can pop in and see us a little more often. We miss ya round these parts. ;)
  4. Thanks IndianaToker, It's really good to come "Home" when I get a chance!!

    Miss Ya'll too!!
  5. I love the City too! I've been here forever so I may be biased but I STILL LOVE THE CITY!!!!! :D

    (Good to see you Cowboy...I saw you in another thread too! :p )
  6. yeah, best place to share stuff about our beloved MJ.

    i really learned a lot since i first came here so im gratefull and happy :D

    have fun you all :hello:
  7. Yes the City is a wonderful place to discuss and share all things great about maryjane. Nothing but respect for each other.
  8. " Vote Bush 04'"

    Can i ask you why you would ever want people to do that?

  9. G,day mate .l hope all is well:smoking:
  10. Yeah man. I also love the city. like xualk zoak I've also learned a hell of a lot on this site since I first joined. The city is a good place to share information on weed and other stuff. Ive learned mmmmm just about everything I know about Weed on this site.

  11. your lucky my school blocked the site :mad: they block everything
  12. hell yeah, i love this site...everyone here is so damn chill... :D
  13. I don't remember who made fun of voting for Bush but I'm voting for him.... no lie.... I know it doesn't look good for marijuana but I love this country and no matter how much the democrate's cater to the people C'mon no matter how the media makes Bush looks stupid you can't really imagine Kerry helping the war situation.... and remember just because we're in a war Kerry getting voted in won't stop a war. Other countries don't JUST hate Bush(because they do) they hate America so why not just elect a President who will do something... If you think Kerry will do something please post I am TOTALLY open to suggestions especially from my GC members because you guys are on the level.... thanks for posting because I need some help....
  14. The City is the best place to be on the web. I'll smoke to that! It's been a while since I've been here. But the place has been spruced up nicely!

    puff, puff pass......... :smoke:

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