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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalp, May 10, 2011.

  1. You look over, the batteries are charged.

    Decent bud, not amazing but still pretty damn dank.

    Grind it up, your grinder manages to get it really fine this time which is good.

    Put it into MFLB. It's the exact right amount.

    Put battery in.

    After finishing a spanish project.

  2. You look over, you own a bong.

    Good bud. Amazing. pretty damn dank.

    Grind it up, your grinder manages to get it really fine this time which is it always does because it is a good grinder.

    Put it into your bong. It's exactly the right amount for your giant 1 gram bowl.

    SMOKE the weed.

    All day.

    tl;dr have nicer things to brag about

  3. leave him alone jeez
    jealous u dont feel the same way

  4. naaah im just fuckin around. i actually used to own a mflb, and just sold my grinder because i needed money for bud :/
  5. You look under your desk, there is a big ass locked guitar case with another case inside holding all your shit

    Dank bud, your brother smelled it down the hall when you opened it yesterday

    You don't own a grinder, but it doesn't matter because your weed is in a locked guitar case

    You look longingly at the keys hanging on the giant steel giraffe sculpture in the corner of your room

    Your legs have stopped working

    Put your essay into its folder, fuck that took a long time.

    After realizing its 11:00 and you have 6 exams tomorrow

    Go to bed
  6. @ChiefBigHit
    Dude, that feeling sucks.
  7. Look at my already loaded bong, because it always is.

    Take a fat rip, remember why mflbs suck.

  8. first day of summer. not a care in the world

    you call your buddies over for a nice 12 pm sesh.

    you all have the house to yourself.

    you pack plenty of bowls of fine-ass cannabis into your bong and take it outside.

    you enjoy the lovely weather while ripping hard, and then proceed to walk with your friends to the local pool.

    good day?

    Smoke and not have to hide the smell. Relaaax.
    Oh... my fucking god... I cannot wait... :smoke:
  10. that feel when you light a nice ass bowl and take a hit.
  11. Look over and...Gah! What in the fuck is that thing?! How in the fu...

    And you were killed by a bunny.
  12. its early spring

    youre wearing a warm hoody sitting by a little stream in the woods. youre about 500 feet from the summit of a nice sized mountain. the birds are just starting to sing again, the sun is rising over the valley, and you hit the trusty minibong.

    6 bowls later and youre cruising on cloud 9 watching the world go by.

    picnic in the woods before making the slow climb to the summit.

    im such a hippie :smoke: :rolleyes:
  13. You look all over, the pipe is full of resin.

    no bud, not amazing, wish i had some pretty damn dank.

    have a grinder, your grinder sits this one out which is not good.

    Put it into pipe. It's the exact right amount.

    Put battery in xbox controller.

    After finishing a spanish project.


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