I love res.

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  1. Alright, so about a week ago I was with one of my friends and his bro and some other kids and we were all smokin out of my friends bro's spoons. So we were smokin and I'm like "man, when is the last time you scraped out that thing?" and then he was like "I've never done that man, and I've had it for 2 years!" So we all decide that we're gonna scrape this thing. So a kid there takes like an hour and finnally scrapes it all out. We all look at how much. It was huge! there was SO MUCH. We took the bag of it over to the scale...it was 2 grams! We were all just like drooling and then decided to smoke it. We went to the backyard and packed one bowl, (There was enough to pack like 2 more bowls) We smoked most of it...and I just got SO RIPPED. I was very baked, to say the least. And the high was for like 4 hours. Damn. So scrape out alla ya'lls pieces and smoke up your resin!
  2. I've only fucked with res during dry spells, not when I could re-up anytime.
    but yeah, res does get you pretty blitzed if you have enough of it.
    the last time I scrapped one of my peices, it was probably a collection of a handful of different exotic strains, (bubblegum, blueberry, hydro.. I dunno what else. ) so yeah.. Lol.

  3. Although I dont like smokin it. Resin is definitly a life saver.
  4. Good Chron Resin is the shit I boiled my peace once because we were having a kickback/rolling party and in the morning we had no pot and I got a one gram resin ball half way through smoking it I was picked up by the cops for another reason but none the less I got ripped
  5. as i once heard

    resin is the only friend that really "sticks" around
  6. resin is a lifesaver thats for sure the taste maybe soo nasty but its worth it a rez high lasts for awhile actually:)
  7. Haha, that's a clever one.

  8. ha...ah ha..ah...not funny.

  9. dont b an ass naughty neighbor it aint cool...haha love u

    nice story btw

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