I love Redheads

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  1. I love redheads people,one of my secret fetish's.I can't help it,there just 10-20 times better than blondes,anything thats different I want.I know your used to seeing black guys dating blondes and brunettes but never redheads.I will be honored to fill that status qoute,something about them just rock.

    Redheads are the new blondes, if you want my opinion.If I ever have a choice netween a black mixed girl with green eyes(very rare),a thick sexy spanish girl or a busty redhead,I would choose the redhead without a doubt....

    I've been in love with this girl from grounded for life a little over a year know.....She's so hot.....Feel free to add your love for redheads......

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  2. mmmm red heads :D
  3. Actually, Ive seen MANY more black dudes with red heads then any other white females.

    I prefer brunettes.

    Blondes jsu dont usually do it.
  4. As a wise man once told me,
    Hair color and skin color doesnt matter. Theyre all pink on the inside.

    Really though, its all a matter of personal preference. I prefer brunettes.
  5. Honestly, I despise blondes. No offence to those on here. I'm a brunette lover. I've never been with a redhead, unfortunately, but I think they are incredibly sexy.
  6. red is my favorite color maan :cool:

    but i dont like red headed children. --Gingers

    if you dont want your children to have red hair you could always marry an asian woman

  7. Thats fo sho lol. Man every red head bitch i've known was a dick fiend, and they've run across the black cock either in the past or recent present.

    But I'd like me a sexy sophisticated little brunette.

    I'm currently dating a blonde right now and its over-rated heh.

    Also, the girl from grounded for life has been givin me a boner for like 6 years now lol. How longs that show been on?
  8. gingers eh? I like Lindsay Lohan sometimes.

  9. If you can get to L.A. quick enough just buy some coke and hit a club lol. You might be able to sneak onto the train.

    Seriously fucking Lindsay Lohan? Thats Redhead trash.. I honestly think if I had a $5000 for a wardrobe change, car rental, cocain, club fee and a shitload of alcohol picking up Lindsay Lohan would be cakewalk. And i'd walk away with money left over the next day lol
  10. heres the thing. I think blonds are hot, but when a brunette or a red head is hot they're just way hotter.. I don't know how this works, but it does.

  11. red heads suffer from a skin pigment defiency called Gingervitus
  12. south park is fucking awesome lol
  13. you watch southpark wayyyyyyyyyyy to much,I bet Cartman is your idle isn't he....I know he is,dont lie to me...:D
  14. v --- eww gross sick!!

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  15. i dont really have a preference but ive had a redhead.Cant say it was all that nice cuz it was one of her first times but we worked around it. Twas in HS with my best friend haha and for some reason it didnt feel odd to us
  16. How could yall hate blondes? I don't know what it is but when i see a blonde from behind, i automatically assume her face is pretty. it's not the same with gingers or brunettes.
  17. I dont know man, I love brunettes.

    I love those under cover freaks.

    Hot lil somethin somethin in college doin her thang and seem almost preppy then ya get to know her and shes got some freak in her. Thas perfect.
  18. Finally,someone else that seen the show,isn't she hot,I would totally bone her.I like her spicy attitude,and how she gets mad all the time,so sexy.....

    They stopped running it on the third season,but they show reruns on ABC Family every night at 7(EST)...

    I stopped watching it when I seen the last episode last week,so know I'm gooing to try to meet her now.....I'm so obssesed.....:p
  19. hell yeah, i love me a sexy red head
  20. Brunettes FTW, but "I love those redheads man."

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