I love Nubbin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 420girlie, Sep 17, 2002.

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  1. that\'s all, why are you still reading this?
  2. who doesn\'t love nubbin?...hes the grasscity teddy bear..so wuvvable
  3. I just want to squeeze him and love him and hold him forever ;)

    Did you read about my little trip in my thread about this weekend?
  4. yeah...i was halfway through it before it thought to myyself \"I bet this is going to end with girlie in the closet with someone\"...looks like i was right...thats not fair..but its ok, because i am having a good day, enjoying life, and honestly wouldn\'t even want to have sex in a closet wih someone...ok im lying...
  5. You know me too well ;)

    Oh yeah and apparantly i\'m really good at giving head even though I never give it. I should have known better though, boys are like stray dogs, once you give \'em something they like they never leave ;)

    I don\'t mind though, it was sweet, he\'s the only guy i\'ve evr slept with who could go all night long and still have more than enough left for the morning. I\'m still tired and I even have bruises on the insides of my thighs.
  7. huh? Oh, you mean you don\'t want to hear about my many hours of hot sweaty sex over and over again?
  8. Well now we see how you are. In another thread you said you never give head,Because you never now where it\'s been.

    Did you change your mind or what???????
  9. YEAH!...WHAT /\\ /\\ HE /\\ /\\ SAID!....

    thats one for you BH...
  10. Thanks critter!

    LOL nubbin. I guess we all agree with someone every now and then!!!!!
  11. I don\'t like to, but he was REALLY good and you guys were making me feel bad about not giving head, so make up your fucking mind people, should I or shouldn\'t I?

    p.s. Critter if I was a mod I would have moved it too. Maybe you should just start moving every thread I reply to. Oh yeah, sorry if I offended you nubbin, I guess I need to have some new experiences so I can cater better to your needs and the needs of the other members of the gay community ;)
  12. What you do is up to you. but if you do it at least do it right!!!!

    One of my favorite sayings is........Do what you do..do right!!!

    Another one........If it\'s not woth doing right don\'t do it at all!!!!!

    Be happy and be carefull!
  13. I thought he was gonna pass out ;)

    I always do what makes me happy bud, you should know that by now.
  14. Sigh 420girle.



  15. You know what I think. \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/ \\/
  16. you know what I think!!!...Im hy as a kite baby, higher than a kite, high as in a fly in my chardine....heh...chardinr...heh...ehh YOU KNWO WhAT!? heh heh lol if I giggle from now onI will press G...




    ta ta ta funnt lol
  17. are you by anychance.....TrIpPiN??
  18. i want a million dollars and a blowjob....still havent gotten it...so, yeah, i vote for head
  19. Watch what you ask for Namron. A million dollar blowjob may not be what you really want..... Sounds to expensive to me!!!!!
  20. Give me a million dollars and all give you the best damn blow job ever ;)

    I do eat alot of popsicles *LOL*
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