I love nice stoners.

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. So I was sitting at home watching some TV. I just smoked with my freind at around 3, and it was then 7. My freind gives me a call (Same kid as I smoked with at 3) and tells me he is going on break. He works and McDonalds (poor him, lol), and McDonalds is realy close to my house. Walk through the woods, and its right there. 2 minute walk tops. Anyway, I meet him at the woods spot, and we smoke a few bowls. We had about a dime bag worth left, and we see a bunch of kids coming through the woods. There were 5 of them, and 4 of them I knew. The other kid I knew of, but never hung out with or anything. So, they ofcourse smell the weed, they are huge stoners btw, and they ask if we got any weed left on us. We tell ya, just about a dime bag worth, and the kid I didnt realy know offers my freind $15, so we said alright, and we gave it to him. Bag cost us $10. My freind then left for work after the deal, and the kid started to roll a blunt, since he already had a little bit of weed. So he rolls it, and im about to go. He takes a hit, and says "yo, hang out and smoke with us.". So I was like alright, and started hitting that blunt. Shit was so nice. He pakced it realy good.

    Anyway, my point of this whole little story is because nice stoners kickass. Kid I didnt even know was passing me this fat ass blunt, telling me to take a few hits.

    Well, ive been high since 3pm, and its feeling damn good. I also got myself a nice gram for later tonight.

    Its a wonderful day. :)

    Peace Out!

    - JRilla.
  2. ...are there any other kind ? ..:D....... if your a stoner its kind of a given your nice...
  3. I don't think I have ever met a non generous stoner.
  4. i have. people who have weed but dont say nothing unless other people are gonna be putting in too. with me, if i have weed, who ever is there is getting high.
  5. i have. it's not like smoking weed autmatically makes you generous after your first hit.
  6. :) :) :) I Wuv you guys... lol
  7. I.m.o if you aren't generous, you aren't a stoner =P Well that wouldn't work obviously but hey what goes around comes around. One of my friends ... who I barely knew, got me pretty stoned with a weed, baccy and hash joint and a lil other stuff, so the next day I bought a ten just for me, him and antoher mate (who I hung out with for 4 days without asking his name...damn it...) and we just smoked it and yeah it was cool! Heh. Got busted by security though... very funny. (This is in a multi-storey carpark in Notts... the rooftop is awesome and pretty much stoner mecca round here in the winter / autumn - in the summer it's this park which is just great)...
    "What are you doing?"
    *eyes blatant roaches, and half smoked joint in UNNAMED GUY's hand, and smoke from hotboxed life lobby*
    *Hayz' phone rings*
    "Waiting for a phone call! Buh-bye!"
    and we just waltzed away. This is after two giggling women ("Evening!... Baaiiil...") and an old man who did an innocent-boy whistle after looking terrified had all caught us in the act. All in all, a good day. Hehe. Woah, sorry about the ramblagE everybody.
  8. AT SKOol 2 stoners i kinda knew said to me a yo u just bought a DIME of chron.... huh?am like yeah... they like do u have a pipe or paper am like naw.... (really did felt like blazin' it at skool) he said i have a pipe and my homie has his lighter(wanna blazed it or what??) am like.... well.. and he's like i just bought a nickle homie so how about u put a lil' not even a bowl just half i'l put tha rest am like ight...... when i blaze it at skool theres a place where noone goes(EVERYONE AT SKOOL KNOWZ) so man... i was so fuckin' HIGHA' and dem fools where crackin' up by demselves,lol so i cracked up to...... it's not hard findin' nice stoners:smoking:
  9. My dealer is a hella chill and cool guy. Since he always has ounces on him he just smokes me blunts. But yeah I have met a few non-generous stoners, they suck. :smoking:
  10. yea, alot of stoners at my school are fucking little stinges. It pisses me off to no end.
  11. I get to see a lot of people who do a lot of shady shit with their weed. Like they try to "secretly" break off the main group of people so they can go smoke in a private group of like 3-4 people. Which is complete bullshit because all they have to say is that their smoking in a group of 4 because these people just got here and arent high like the rest of us..unnecessary bullshit.
  12. How in the blue fuck did you find this thread? LOL
  13. Hahahah this thread was six feet under and someone dug it up! I like nice people in general though :smoke:
  14. I was freaking mystified by the posters in this thread until I realized that this thread is from 2004.
  15. Lol I'm sorry! This thread was brought up under "similar threads" at the bottom from another thread, im high and just clicking random things xD And im burning my pizza rolls shit!
  16. How the... I don't even know how you pulled this up

    Edit: Nvm lol
  17. How'd your pizza rolls turn out blackey?

    Sounds delicious right now.
  18. I've smoked up people, but I wouldn't consider myself the type to "share" with someone random, if they haven't done anything that I feel would warrant it.

  19. They are delicious!! Pre-heat the oven at 400 degrees man dont use no microwave cant go wrong here
  20. I love being a nice stoner, i always try to include new people into my group. It usually starts with me picking up my best friend from work then im like "Hey why dont we call another buddy and chill with dem'?" I love smoking people up, its a sincere great thing to do and sharing that experience is great because we always have fun.

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