I love my wife ^_^

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Smoking Buddah, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. For Christmas she got me this poster, it is called "Electric Rainbow". It is this large off-centered spiral of rainbow colors that react to blacklight, very psychodelic! Well, this weekend I put it up on the wall and now our room the the perfect stoner/techno rave party room! I light up some haze and just mellow for the weekend. The poster became this swirling tunnel that i was almost falling through.... VERY TRIPPY! I was excited and when she came home we got blitzed on some hash than went in our room and stared at the wall.

    I'll post a picture of the poster later, you all will COMPLETELY understand what I am talking about then :)
  2. There dope, my freind has one in his living room and someone is always in a trance gazing at it by the end of the night...
  3. isn't it great? i love the thing, i just scored a free 1/8 today off a buddy of mine, gonna sit there and watch the poster again!
  4. There is a headshop in my city called "The Electric Rainbow" or actually, they recently changed their name to Area 51..
  5. I should get a poster like that. They sound awesome. I want to see the picture of it with the blacklight on it.
  6. yea, my friend also has one. Its sooo trippy to look at when you're shrooming, i did about 2 grams of very potent shrooms to the point it was like lsd and just looking at that poster was just amazing to say the least :D

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