I love my space case grinder !

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by theNYCstoner, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Hello grasscity I highly suggest into getting a spacecase grinder I love mine it grinds super smooth the quality feels very great I had a sharpstone and a chromium crusher is this is by far my favorite also kief is so much easier cleaning up man I love this grinder plus it has life time warranty the 60$ was worth it I won it on ebay a medium titianium if you looking into a grinder just do it big with a spacecase and you won't be sorry
  2. Agreed, I use a 2 piece medium titanium (pollen box > 4 piece), and it's by FAR the best grinder I've used and I've owned over 10 in my life. The medium looks a bit bulky for smaller amounts of weed (many of my past larger grinders would have poorly spaced teeth that didn't work well with small amounts so I'd have to pregrind), but I could chuck literally .05 in there and have it come out perfectly ground.

    Definitely recommend these puppies.
  3. Is it really that much better than the sharpstone grinders? I have a 3 chamber sharpstone, and it grinds up my bud fine. But I've been considering grabbing one.

  4. I mean all grinders do the same Thing but spacecase its smooth and has a deep chamber with a super fine kief screen its not a MAJOR change but you Will see a difference and plus since space case has life time warrenty so you Will never have purchase another grinder again unless its misplaced and I would get a spacecase because everyone love kief :hello:
  5. Definitely, I've had 2 and 4-piece sharpstones in the past, they got gummed up with resin pretty quickly, and even immediately after cleaning they had trouble with the stickiest bud. I can stick literally ANY bud in my SC, it might take a little effort to get the two pieces pushed together for that first twist, but after that it's smooth sailing whereas with a sharpstone you're gonna be twisting it HARD to get it to work.

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