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i love my new job! -- getting schtoned with the managers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. oh hell yeah! yesterday was so much fun. before leaving for work i smoke this really, really nice blunt. i'm so high i can't even walk straight, and i gotta be in work in like 5 minutes. so i go in all trashed and get to work. i then proceed to inform 1 of the managers that i've got trees for later. he smiles and says he brought the rum. after things slow down he looks at the other manager and get's her attention. he then proceeds to point to her, himself, and me, and does the universal "wanna smoke?" sign (ya know, actin' like he's smokin' a spliff)... she says "nah... well... later"

    so it's later. manager 1's all shitfaced by now, i'm counting down the minutes until manager 3 (the one who can't know) leaves... time has passed, manager 3's gone, and i'm finishing up the front lobby. i finish mopping, and grap the blunt i had ready for just this moment :D

    the rest is McD's history!

    lol... we were wasted. plan on doing the same on friday... can't wait... i love my new job, L:DL
  2. Sounds like an awesome manager. Wish i worked there:)
  3. LoL... That sounds great! I just got a job at McDonald's too.. I started on Monday. So far, I've found that most of the employees smoke tree too, but I'm not sure about all of the manager's... I know that one does for sure, but the others I'm not so sure about...

    I hope that I make some McD's history too, man. :)
  4. McD's is a haven for stoners... most fastfood resturants are :D most the people at the Papa John's i worked at are stoners too... although they never let me smoke on the clock, they didn't care if i came there all wrecked. this place i get both though. it's awesome! :)
  5. Congrats, Cottons!!! I'm happy that you're happy, dude!!!! So stay happy!!!! :)
  6. lol, i know exactly what you mean
    we do the pointing at each other and making the wanna smoke sign at school all the time :D
  7. thats great getting a new job and finding out u can smoke there and be stoned off ur ass and no one will care. :-D
  8. thats great man......i need to get a job also

    there's this grocery store, i might get a job's that?
  9. LOL, that's what life at Wawa was like, except I was the manager! :D
  10. I started a new job Tuesday. Gas station/convenience store. I haven't met everyone yet but my boss knows I'm a stoner. She said if they ever made everyone drug test she wouldn't have any employees left! I called on Monday to inquire about the job and Tuesday I went to work! Filled out the application at work!! It's good to be back to work.

  11. ECK! GAK! how do you speak of such evil!
  12. good going cottons! :smoking:
  13. My job right now is like that. I hate it with a passion, but i can get high with the people that work there. My manager doesn't care, but she doesn't do it with us or ne thing.
  14. Sensi, what do you have against Wawa? Is their food too delicious for you? :D
  15. Yes Critter, I will hire you as my personal assistant! LOL!!

  16. *sigh*

    i guess some people just fail to see the deliciousness of that which is the Wawa. ::commences in heavenly Wawa face::

    i loooove their hoagies... and their coffee :D

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