I love my neighborhood

Discussion in 'General' started by ric0chet06, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. NOT

    me and my friend are ouside on my deck in Humboldt county, and i hear a breaking window. for the next five minutes, pieces of glass fall, obviously someone geting glass out of the way to get in. Then, there's the dawg-tite str8 up thugs in the alley a block away, cussing and carrying on about ****** this, ****** that. behind us, some people are talking about how they're gonna fuck up this guys ride with a screwdriver. Now i am paranoid as fuck, locking all doors, gates, turning lights off and whatnot. I really wish i had a rifle or pistol to make myself feel safe. I'm high too, so that helps. I wish i lived in the woods with 1000000 pot plants, and a house made of weed.

  2. yeah dude it sounds like you live in the ghetto. shit's rough man. i don't really know what 2 tell you. i've never lived in the straight up ghetto like you do, but i have friends that do. and i don't (and shouldn't) feel safe walking the streets. most of my friends living in the ghetto are trying to get out, and i have friends that got 2 jobs to move to a nice area. good luck on getting the fuck outa that hood bro. i guess that's the only advice i can give you, get outa there. i'm sorry i've never been in that situation, so i can't be more help to you.
  3. during the day its nice, my house is just on the border between cracked out , and nice. I just moved into this apartment, my parents own it and they're giving it to me for a steal. i just need to get some security cameras, an alarm system, and a driveway for my super nice truck that ill be buying soon. Anyone know how hard it is to get a gun, legally, in california?
  4. I don't know about cali but I know em where I'm from and I constantly hear locals complaining about the local laws and someone always seems to chime in and say hey atleast it's not as bas as california.. Since we're pretty tight where I'm from it's not looking so good for you man.. Again I could be wrong, some of the locals are pretty whack...
  5. As long as you are over 21 and have NO felony's or Misdiminors that include agressive force you can go to a shop and pay for the weapon then It should cost $10 for a application in which they should know the answer to in 20 minutes or so USUALLY. Then you got your weapon to take home with you.
  6. Some how I don't think a million pot plants and a house made of weed will be much of a deterrent to thugs...

    Is it hard to be from the 'hoods of Fortuna? I know some guys in Oakland that are laughing pretty hard about a Humboldt ghetto. Ever try a city with a population over 5,000?

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