I love my hat

Discussion in 'General' started by theVirtuoso, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    Its the coolest thing since sliced bread...
  2. thats perhaps one of the only fitted hats i like...however i wouldnt wear it...that screams "OFFICER I LIKE TO SMOKE MARIJUANA, PLEASE SEARCH ME AND TAKE ME OFF IN YOUR SQUAD CAR"

    my little brother had a zippy like all the rapper people wear (with the vibrant colors), and it had pot leafs all over it...i wont go near him when he wears it...ive never had problems with the law, and im hoping it stays that way...

    but still a pretty awesome hat...i rock an old redsox hat if i have to (old one, had it awhile), or a beanie...

    if you mind me askin though, those fitted 5950s that everyone wheres...whats with em, i find em uncomfortable...and why does everyone leave the stickers on it....?? some fads dont make sense to me...
  3. They leave the sticker on it to keep it "looking new". Personally i think its retarded and i often take my friends hats from their heads and rip off the sticker. Nothing personal to my buddies i just like to cause a ruckus :devious:.

    I really like the colors on that hat by the way where did you pick it up?
  4. thats a coo hat dog, esp since its new era. I only wear LA new era caps and while i looked at yours i thought of my dream weed hat. I would like the LA as usual but with all the chron leafs around the hat. I got an LA hat with LA all over like your weed one =] SICKNESS PHA SHo
  5. haha I wore it once in public... which was when i was madd blazed and just got it... put it on right away, but it was a friendly area where i knew id have no trouble.

    Only time I wear it now is around friends sometimes smoking... its a great addition to the setting.

    and to tehWadeski:
    Me and my boy each got one at a place called Gibralter. Its a trade center where people set up their own shops. Only $7 for two =)
  6. that sounds cool. Here in New Hampshire all we have are farmer's markets :rolleyes:. You wouldn't believe the different kinds of milks people make.
  7. I wear the new era hats, but I take the sticker off that shit. Thats dumb.
  8. [quote name='gone fishin']thats perhaps one of the only fitted hats i like...however i wouldnt wear it...that screams "OFFICER I LIKE TO SMOKE MARIJUANA, PLEASE SEARCH ME AND TAKE ME OFF IN YOUR SQUAD CAR"


    boohoo gotta fight fr your right somtime, cant hide under the radar and let people do it for you....

    and plus, its just hat, not actauly illegal

  9. Nice hat, but yeah it's kinda exposing. Oh well.

    I have a shirt that says

    Some drugs just wont take
    for an answer

    and this one
  10. ya its not the close usualy that get me introuble for drugs, its the LACK of close that the police have a fit about:D
  11. wow thats a fuckin sick ass hat! i would rock that in a heartbeat. just to add to the photoness in the thread, here is my hat collection. im a skate hat fan and ill buy anything plad or argyle, especially the kangol pattern series, of which i have like two...



  12. That is a cool hat I have a T-shirt that has a alien head with ajoint and it says
    "GOT WEED"

    Go GIANTS!!!! Or maybe next year LOL
  13. hes saing that its not illegal but he would rather not let cops remeber him or know he smokes at all so he doesnt get into any trouble like a traffic ticket or later on get arrested. because they profgiled him
  14. Thats one chill hat, yeah 5-0 would get a little suspicious, thats why i stick to stoner band T-Shirts. Gets the message out well.
  15. i dont really care about wearing anything with a pot leaf on it. i expect to be able to flex my rights as an american and that includes free speech. if im getting pulled over, itll certianly not be my hat thats giving me away, ill probably be getting busted for a non street legal car before they eeven look at my hat. theyll just have to catch me first!
  16. ya free speech, probable cause is smeel or they see somthing illegal, or your realy high, and you shouldnt do that, i mean cant drive drunk...

    its a complicated matter, but evreyone needs to not be afraid to be a stoner,

    where here where high get used to it! :smoke:

    Buzz Well
  17. only if it were that simple....
  18. man if we were as motivated as gay people, weed would be way legal

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