I love my girl, but I just want to party.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MN4Lyfe, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. I l9ve my gf but she never wants to go out to raves or clubs or anything. She is kinda boring but I do love her.
  2. I am assuming you have already talked to her about this and attempted to get similar interests going frequently but it didn't work.

    Sounds like the lifestyle difference got you to a point where you have to "but I do love her" already
    Could this be a friendship in the making?
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  3. go find some new ass to slam
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  4. hmm it's borig to sit at home try somehow to involve her, go on the picnic
  5. Anal is the spice of life.
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  6. I feel ya pain Op .. Sometimes i feel like leavin my situation just to go party my brainz out .. thats one thing about relationships not only do they take away a certain independance but it kills the social aspect of it of wanting to go out & party .. i mean sure i can convince her to come with me to a club or somethin but it wont be often it'll probably be a once in a blue moon thing or like once in a decade type thing .. bottom line, relationships suck becuz we find ourselves existing with someone more than living with someone ..
  7. If you hate your relationship so much you should change your situation.
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  8. Sounds like she wants to settle down.
  9. Sounds pretty immature
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  10. find stuff to do with her other than "party"
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  11. Send her my way, not being into partying is usually one of my prerequisites for seeing someone. :D
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  12. We do lol but I wanna party too
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  13. Eh fuck parties and clubbing bro all it is is drama and throwing cash away on expensive drinks. A girl that likes to stay home is a gem in this day and age where most girls love to party and hoe around. Once in a while it's ok but doing it every weekend is like meh you must be a young guy early twenties I presume.

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  14. Probably because the party scene here gets old super quick sane people and things every weekend. Go on a trip to a rec city and then try to going out there.

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