I love my friends and they love me

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. I have been kinda depressed lately even though I moved in with my best friend because I've missed my cats terribly, and the cat she has hissed at me the other night when I tried to pet him. And if you know me at all, you know I love cats. So her cat was kinda getting me down, not letting me pet him and all. I even cried over it, because I am someone who simply cannot live without a friendly kitty.

    So do you know what Taylor and Crystal did for me? They spent two days searching all over the county for a kitten for me....how sweet is that?! They spent all of their money on me so I could be happy. And trust me, I am. The kitten they got me is a totaly cutie pie. I named her Porcelina Sassafras, Lina for short. She's almost all black with a tiny bit of white on her breast and a tiny white dot on her nose. She is freaking adorable! I love her so much!

    I just wanted to shout out to the world (city) how happy I am because of my friends...I love them so much :D I am truly blessed to have friends that care about me as much as they do.

    PS. I also found an old friend that I used to work with last night, and her boyfriend sells...so now we have a new hookup too! We're about to try it out now, $25 a quarter for decent mids. YAY!

    PPS. And I love my new job...I get to develop film all day!

  2. um wow.. you gotta smoke more pot.
  3. I say feed the cat some chocolate mushrooms :D
  4. I can't give my kitten bad stuff like that :(
  5. well i'm happy to hear your happy! i i'm a cat luver myself.

    but this chick i work with has these guinea pigs, she just loves em to death. i was quite amazed how much she loved them. she had this photo album of pics with the guinea pigs at their bday party and christmas! i'm talkin outfits and all! hats, omg i laughed so hard iwas cryin. all in good spirit of course.

  6. *sigh* why not? if hes good to you, you should be good to him!

  7. Her. And she's still a baby!
  8. your gonna get her high though, right? :) (when shes old nuff :p)

  9. Oh, of course I am! But I'm going to wait until after I have her spayed when she's 6 months old...she's not even 3 months old yet. Then the fun will begin :)
  10. lol yep, get her spayed first, wouldnt want her getting all high and then doing something she might regret in the morning..lol
  11. lol dman thats some funny stuff

  12. open their minds when they're young. best time i say! lol.

    just keep everything to super low doses of course. remember... its a TINY kitty.
  13. i read that its bad to smoke up a cat that is under 5 pounds, but that couldve been bad information.
  14. Perhaps you should not administer any drug to any animal ever. You cannot say that you know the cat (or dog or horse or chicken or bat) is having a good time. For all you know, the cat is having a horrible time, doesnt know what is going on and is scared to death.

    I admit I have blown a hit or two in a dogs face, but this dog would get in your face and wait for you to blow out. Could marijuana smoke be addictive? The effect of drugs on animals is very different, and you cannot know that what your doing is good or enjoyable for the animal, and therefore you should not (IMHO) do it.

    p.s. rambling or repeating myself I blame on the pain killers.

  15. Getting her spayed was a requirement of the adoption...she wasn't a stray. I have to get her shots and checkups and everything or they'll take her from me..you don't mess around with the Humane League..LOL I have to get her declawed too, but that's a requirement from my roommate :D

    And when she's older we're going to start by just smoking with her in the room...if she doesn't like that then I'm not going to force anything on her. I love my kitty and I don't want to hurt her in anyway.
  16. I like reptiles myself. anything that can main and kill. I do like cats, dogs, and stuff but I like the dangerous animals. They just got the look in there eyes. I love snakes. any type realy. But it's impossible to keep a women around and have a snake to. They all seem to hate them.

  17. Not true...I used to have a snake and I wouldn't mind having one again.
  18. I wish there were more women that liked them in my area. hempress whats your favorite type of snake.
  19. i love all animals. especially bunnies and dogs. they are such great friends, and my dogs lilly and martha are great when i am feeling down, they always seem to know and come around with some love.

  20. [​IMG]

    California Kingsnake :D

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