I love my dog

Discussion in 'General' started by SEMS1, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. i love my dog, hes a soft cock but a legend, love it when im out the
    back toking and he comes up and leans against me, hes to cute haha

    got a dog? throw up a pic or 2!

  2. My pets at my dads house


    Big. they're called Big & Mini because we adopted them from different places, and theyre not even the same breed, but they look totally alike. Except one is tiny and one is big :p And as you can see big is blind on his left eye, his previous owner shot him.. fucking asshole.

  3. i wish i had a pic of my dog to show ya.i really like your dog tho thats sweet he comes up and leans on you.
  4. beautiful dogs Bencker

    yeh he comes up and sits next to my leg and leans on me
    like hes lonely, but i smoke alot so i see him all day haha
  5. haha right on
  6. I love my dog, except he's at home right now. He's not allowed in the rooms so sometimes I'll wake up and go outside and find him sleeping next to my door. He loves to lay on his back too. You'll just walk up to him and find him laying on his back. too cute :)

  7. Dogs are the best. When my dog wants attention he will come up next to me and just put his paw on me...so cute.

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