I love metal pipes! (pic)

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  1. It's been a while since I have owned a nice indestructible piece so I decided to pick one up today at the LHS.:smoke:

    I decided to get it because my glass spoon that I had for a while now got broken a couple days ago by one of my friends, so I thought it was time to go back to metal pipes.

    It brings back memories because when I was younger i'd always smoke metal pipes, that's all there was around here when I was younger.:smoke:

    any of you blades have one of you're own?

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  2. Uh excuse me sir, where do you place the marijuana in that thing?

  3. You unscrew the lid on the bowl....
    That's so you can keep it in your pocket without it spilling. :rolleyes:
  4. Well thats cool as fuck. Never seen one with a lid
  5. It's actually a unscrewable lid on the top of the bowl, and it also makes it so you can pack the lid a little bit and you can smoke even more.:smoke:

    and you can light it threw that little hole in the middle of that lid so it lights it up just right, and if you're sneak toking you can put you're finger over that little hole and the cherry will extinguish.
  6. I grew up smoking out of pieces like that exclusively. I didn't realize how awful it was (heat, flavor, cleaning, etc.) until I finally got into quality glass. Still, I appreciate their purpose and though I'd recommend even a cheap glass spoon, metal pieces still get the job done.
  7. when it comes to traveling with a packed bowl.. its pretty tough to beat a metal bowl with a lid.. or a sneak a toke.. zeppelin.. they definitely serve their purpose well.. wish there was glass that could be packed and safely put into your pocket with no spillage...

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