I love me some dgk and lrg!

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  1. DGK LRG my boston cap, my nike 6.0s or my vans. Who else got love for dgk and lrg!

    ill post a pic of my collection soon here..
  2. The second I read this thread title I thought "man if this guy doesn't skate I hate him".

    I can't tell if you skate or not. I have love for DGK and LRG, but then again LRG has Tommy Sandoval, Billy Marks, and Tom Asta now

    So basically do you skate? Cuz if not no offense your just playing a stereotype I find absolutely hilarious, peace
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    i dont really care what ya think homie! haha but i do skate, i just started again, but use to skate 7th 8th 9th until i broke my ankle, mostly off an on since then. shit i kno hella people who dont skate who where the shit, but they bite my style son!


    just a little taste.. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
  4. damnnnnnnn someone shops at zumiez duuu. too much swag to focus.

    lmfao. nike 6.0 hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha sooo much swag du.
  5. Too much hype on LRG for my taste
  6. haha zumiez got some shit son!!! and the 6.0's are fuckin killer, i always got a fresh pair of 6.0s layin around. I only use to wear lrg, but i been buyin DGK lately, they got some ill shirts

  7. how dare anyone else buy from the same corporations as you??? they should know that only you can go to the STORE and buy that shit... If you want a style that is all your own, without worrying about someone having the same shit as you, just shop around a thrift store... Lol I have a bandana that's just like yer grip tape =]
  8. Nike 6.0 is for tools.
  9. Dirty Ghetto Kids.:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: :smoke:

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