I love Mary-Louise Parker

Discussion in 'General' started by Danceswithjuub, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. And not only because she plays an attractive drug-dealing mommy on Weeds. :smoke:

    Her sensuality and personality are so damn attractive. Girls could learn a lot from her. Reminds me of my first girlfriend. I regret letting her go :(
  2. She's beautiful
  3. you're comparing your first girlfriend to her character in weeds?

  4. You talk about her as if you have actually met her...
  5. For all you know she could be the biggest bitch in the world! You dont even know her dude.
  6. hmmmm?
  7. You only like because she's hot.

    Nancy is a terrible person sometimes. She often ends up putting work/money first when she just could have gotten a regular job.
  8. I am talking about the actual actor.

    Based off her personality in interviews...
    the way she talks about life, and her kids, and parenting.


    She is smoking hot.
  9. In B4 someone post a sexy pic of her

    EDIT- No but she is sexy I'm pretty sure I've fap'd to her getting railed in one of the episodes (lolz)
  10. Ehh yeh she coo:cool:
  11. shes an actress for a reason.

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