I Love Marijuana

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tormy, May 27, 2009.

  1. Smoked 2 bowls out of my phx
    Go to English Final
    Write one of the most thought provoking, crazy essays of my life
    get a 92 on the exam

    I love Marijuana

    -true story:smoking:
  2. damn man.. good job. +rep.

    post the essay, id like to read it. but its ur essay, post iif you want.

  3. Unfortunately i wrote it in hand in one of those wretched exam Blue Books.
    In short i wrote about how the world would be a happier better place if we were all ignorant fools.
    One of my examples was, if the world was ignorant about the "dangers" of marijuana we would all be able to freely use the magnificent drug and be blissful and happy, citing textual examples from a Brave New World relating Soma to buds.
    My teacher called it an "interesting thought" hahahahaha
  4. that does sound pretty sick.. but then again, it could work just the way reversed. we could all be ignorant to the SAFETY of marijuana, nobody would smoke it. still making a happy world though, thats one less issue people woiuld have to argue on. ignorance IS bliss...
  5. why didnt you get a 100?
  6. haha right when you started talking about the world being ignorant i thought of soma and brave new world too.
  7. if this world was ignorant of the dangers of marijuana it would make me so happy... probably throw a party but good work using bud to further yourself in life giving us stoners a better rep
  8. I hate blue book exams....I had 3 Finals like that this year, it blew. I did well but I didn't toke beforehand as you did, probably should have :bongin:

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