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i love late night smoke sessions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FinallyFamous, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. anyone else just love smoking and then chilling listening to your favorite music til you pass out?
  2. do it every night bro, cant really sleep unless i do lol.
  3. haha that's what i'm sayin XD i couldn't smoke for a week cause i was with family in San Diego for thanksgiving now im just koo bought an 8th of OG Kush for 10 bucks haha and my new pipe YES super win im chillin
  4. That's spot on what I'm doing right now.

  5. Im very envious, im paying $55 here in IL:mad:
  6. Thats exactly what i do, i love seshing at night.
  7. I think it's a good day when I can just relax and have a sesh to call it a night :)
  8. #8 Wiggibow, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2011
    Payin about $30 here in omaha, but mind you I never buy eighths I buy about 10.5 grams every 2 weeks or so haha. dude 10 bucks would be crazy! I would smoke way too much weed....:smoke:


    On the subject of this thread.....
    I'm doing the saaaaaaame thing, pretty much the only thing that puts me in sleep mode anymore.
    If I wasn't so high I'd post a milkshot of my kief hit a few minutes ago, just got an awesome new diffused downstem from my local headshop, they even cut it down to the right size on the spot!
  9. I love it, man. Just me, my bowl, GC, and some Xbox.
  10. 55 bucks an 8th? dang that's alot!
    i live in California lol Nor-Cal is known for its tree so my friends are always on deck myself i have 2 oz's one of Blue Dream and one Blueberry Kush haha but thats all for sale

  11. mail me some its a great idea!
  12. Right here son. Every day..
  13. I'm with ya. I love smokin' a bowl, and vibing to music while staring out of my window into the darkness. So calming, almost enchanting.
  14. ^ love ya flylo dp :)

    yeh my favourite moments are finishing work then lighting up at 12 listening to tunes then hitting the sack
  15. My late night activities include, 3-6 beers lots of bowls/blunts/joints whatever for the night, and then put in a good movie to fall asleep to!
  16. That's how I sesh the majority of the time.
  17. Bump but damn nothing beats smoking at night looking at the stars. Blunt or pipe and some bad ass music playing too. 
  18. wooo, im paying 20$ here in canada

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