I Love Lana Del Rey

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  1. So this is Wednesday night. My long time friend, who's a girl (waiting on the possibility of girlfriend working out, not all too sure), wanted to see the new Great Gatsby movie. It was going to be Three's Company, but our other friend had to bail. I looked on Rotten Tomatoes, by the way, and I don't understand the criticism. Most movie-goers gave it great ratings; I thought it was pretty good. Leonardo usually doesn't disappoint. Anyways, we go back to my place just to hang out. She's not a smoker, but that night she wanted to try. I got all giddy and jumped to go get the stash.
    She gets real stoned, took rips like a champ. She whips out my computer, wanting to listen to some music. And I mean yanked it out. Now I'm not complaining, I just want my possessions to be handled with a little delicacy. I mean, it's a MacBook Air, relatively new...bitch it ain't cheap. But that's completely besidesthe point and has really has nothing to do with the OP. We're going through music for a good hour, then stumble upon this Lana figure, who I haven't heard of before. She actually had a song played during the movie. Just a short bit later, one thing leads to another, and we have sex. On the patio table. I live in Miami, so the humidity is high. I thought I was going to pass out; it was hilarious from my point of view thinking back on the night. To someone sober, I probably would have looked like a retarded zombie. Also, one of my pipes ends up falling on the ground, and broke ($38), but that's alright, the Zong! was OKAY, and I didn't really use the pipe anymore anyhow. 
    Well the next day I go through the watch history on my YouTube account, and I listen to that Lana del Rey song again (Young and Beautiful). I'm now one Sunday, and I swear to god, I've listened to specifically six of her songs more than 20 times each. I don't know why, I'm just addicted. I never listen to music like this; I have a pretty diversified playlist ranging from Beatles to Classic Rock to Alternative to Hipster to Old School Rap and new Pop. I'm really only writing this because I think it's getting serious. I had a dream last night, I can't really recap most of it, but I remember dreaming of those luscious lips of hers. Do I need help? Is it normal for me to like this artist so much? I don't even know who to talk to about it, I think other people that like her are posers compared to me because I legitimately love this shit.  
    (By the way, it feels great to talk about it too, especially knowing all of you guys are random people that I'll probably never meet in real life).

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    I'm in a hurry, so I didn't read quite all of your post and probably will later anyway, but I just wanted to say that I love Lana Del Rey as well. I went through a phase where I really binged on her at one point, she was my top Pandora station and everything, but I've since been listening to her less and more to Lindsey Stirling. Now, I've listened to Daft Punk's new album on repeat since it came out with no complaints. It has a wonderful vibe and is just inspiring to me right now. I'd definitely recommend it for after you've burnt yourself out on Lana. ;)
  3. I am also a fan!! :love:
    I used to not be able to stand her.
    I really can't stand her fake lips, but there's something compelling about her... and vintage.
    I don't know, but she's really grown on me.
    Listening to her now, as a matter of fact.

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