i love keif

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  1. keif is amazing.... like there is nothing better then having a grinder with a keif catcher and getting some dank ass crystally nugs and grinding that shit up.... i actually think i like keif more then pot it self... now dont get me wrong i loveeeee pot hahaha but keif is just the best for getting bombed otu of ur mind! which is what i am right now hahaha

    love keif :)
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    Damn right, keethan is some kick ass shit.
  3. ehh its alright.
  4. Ya compressed kief is even better! Nothin like a full bowl of that!:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  5. a full bowl of kief? god. i just got my 3 piece grinder so i put a lil kief in now and then but a whole bowl?

    praise u..

  6. haha ive done that... but only cause i dropped my grinder in a full thing of soda... and the keif got completely soaked and i had like half of it full so i got out the liquid and dried it.... but ended up just putting it in a bowl and smoking it.... prerttty sure only time ive ever tripped off pot haha
  7. i love it too. been putting it all in a little jar because i've dropped my grinder before too and lost everything. I haven't smoked a whole bowl of it yet. I've had enough before but i always just put a little bit on top my bowl before every hit to keep getting green hits. But i been wanted to try for a while.

    I don't share my keif. even when my ex lived with me i smoked it when she was at work.

    i took some pics of my jar the other day, i should go get my cam
  8. I've never had the pleasure of trying it, but I hear it's a doozy.

    We don't get dank enough shit here to get keif in the grinder. Not that I even have a grinder...

    But, when I do try it, I'll let you guys know.
  10. done the same thing, yet coated the inside of the blunt with a layer of some liquidized hash.
  12. Im all for leanin bro, but dipping blunts in sizzurp is a no no. Smoking sugar is like death.
  13. One of the best things about harvest time is all the trim and little popcorn buds that I can sift through silkscreens for kief. Most of the kief I make into hash, but I always keep a vial around in case I want to sprinkle it on a bowl. I use it in some cooking applications too.
  14. Ehh, I also soaked like 1g n smoked it... I'm fine lol:smoke::smoke::smoke:
  15. smokin weed fer me :)
    its the best n dass it :)
  16. You DO know what kief is right? ;)
  17. Lol I hope he does... :smoke:

  18. hahaha, i know this is an old thread, but i just had to comment on this!

    Dude, i feel you on that, lol i'm a greedy fuck when it comes to my kief. Only smoke that shit when my girl is at work, or mad late at night. Haha, and sometimes before she goes to work and shit she asks for a hit of kief and in my head im just like "UGHHH" hahaha which is pretty dick, but i always give it to her/although unwillingly lol

    pretttttty bombed off the kief i just scraped off the screen of my grinder


    Grinder screen has recently been clogged, giving me very litte kief, i want to clean it but that seems like a lot of kief to just waste. I've scrubbed lightly with a toothbrush, but the majority is stuck. Never had a grinder long enough (due to teeth breaking, losing, etc) that ive had to clean it fully, so any help would be appreciated
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    Nothin better than taking a couple massive gravity bong rips of pure kief...that there is about as intense as a head high gets. Haha a buddy (very experienced toker who can handle his shit) started freakin out because he was so high he got this weird smell in his nose and thought he was smelling his bone and he was dying. (then he got ahold of himself and realized that was probably the dumbest thing he had ever said, but for those few seconds when he still thought that's what was going on it was hysterical)

    Put a dime in your grinder and swirl it around for a while, just being careful not to swirl it too hard and bust the screen or something. Every last speck of kief will drop down into its natural habitat at the bottom of your grinder.

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