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I Love Joints

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, May 22, 2004.

  1. For some reaosn in the last year I seamed to have phased out buying rolling papers and just smoked out of glass, but yesterday while in a gas station I randomly bought some zig zags for the hell of it...

    Damn, I love joints. I love carefully rolling them, stuffing every last little bit of bud you broke up into them, and puffing away in prideful satisfaction.

    Anyway, it's been one day and I am already halfway done with this pack of papers, and my stash is considerably smaller. Going to go roll another fattie!
  2. joints are such a waste, but hey, different strokes for different strokes.
  3. how are joints 'such a waste' ?

  4. theyre constantly burning, so they "waste" weed while youre not taking a hit...but theyre great for hotboxing:D
  5. joints roll for sure
    they get you so baked its cool to take a tour with a joint too
    rather than sitting at a table hitting a bong
    recently i just came apon a prerolled blunt called cones
    you just pack in your grinded up herb with a straw it holds up to three g's. its so tight for parties or just a group sess
    im a joint enjoyer too
  6. I also share your love of joints. I like smoking joints better than any other way.
  7. Me too me too
  8. I dont think that they waste weed, unless you are by yourself. You hit it, hand it to a friend while you are holding it in. He passes it to someone, then it gets passed to you again. That was 3 people. If it were just 2 you would waste a bit more becuase youd hit it, pass it, hold it in, then it gets to you. If you are not done holding it in then you exhale and it burns a bit more. but with 3+ people it is the perfect way. so fun, i just recently realized that i LOVE J's in the past couple weeks or so. I love just carying one on me, if i feel like i need to smoke, i whip it out take a couple hits, put it out (carefully) then put it back in my tin. hour later do the same thing. i like just taking a couple hits at a time with a J. I like getting stoned out of a bong.
  9. I don't have anything against joints, I'd just rather hit the bong.
  10. joints arent a waste ...i just love that high :D
  11. I'm not a huge fan of joints, only due to the fact that they're a waste of weed really. I'll pick up a bong way before I roll a joint. That doesn't mean I don't keep papers on hand, though.

    I just got these Juicy Jay's Orange papers. Holy shit! These things taste like tang! I love em.

  12. haha, this thread 0wn3d the "i hate joints" thread, so take that you haters! :D
  13. joints are the shit, people who say joints are shitty have not smoked a good one
  14. I'll smoke a joint. I will also smoke a blunt, bong, sherlock, hammer, steamroller, vaporizer, spoon, hookah.. do you see where Im going with this :)

    But if it is my weed, I usually just pack my bong, I think it gets the most bang for your buck :)
  15. joints are good, but they dont compare to blunts. blunts are fucking nice for hotboxing.
    plus theyre better if you have more people just because passing around glass can get risky when its dark and your stoned.

    but when im alone or with like 1 other person i prefer a bowl.
    unless im driving then i prefer the blunt or joint becuase i can still have the wheel and not worry about using alighter.

    i dunno im stoned now so i like anyway you can get high.
  16. Are you crazy? Joints taste so much better than blunts. Nassssty tobacco taste, eww!
  17. i prefer bongs and pieces to joints... mainly because my rollign skills are soooooo bad. I enjoy joints in groups because it is much more of a social thing i think and more fun to do. So.. if anyone feels like teling me where there is a good tutorial im up for learnign. Or.. someone could send me a few joints so i can uhh.. get a first hand experience on what they should turn out like :)
  18. i love joints. Them and blunts are probably my favorite way to smoke but thats just me. I dont know why i like them but since my first puff on a joint and i was hooked on em. Maybe its the rolling part that gets me....rolling up the perfect fatty, then sparking it with some close friends. I take pride in my rolls :)

  19. Then use a wrap. There is no tobacco taste, just the fresh flavor of the blunt. A lot of people here dog on the wraps, but I probaly enjoy them more than I do ones like white owls .

  20. They just released an awesome new flavor too. Get a wet mango blunt wrap, damn they are good!

    I prefer duchmaster's to wraps though. I like to roll them inside out with the leaf on the inside. Try it sometime, they burn mad good like that.

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