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  1. In my playing of music, I've found it very pleasurable in picking the right notes from the harmony. When their is a piano, a bass, and a drummer, you have someone to push you into your own center of creativity. You hear the harmonic lines from the bass, and you hear the changes in the music. Everything else is up to you to create.

    Miles Davis was one of those great soloists. Influenced by Dizzy Gillespie, Monk, and Charlie Parker respectively. Miles Davis was an introvert and interested in his evolution of music. He had to sound like no other and was the centerpiece of the evolution and end of Jazz in America..

    Of course we'll never be able to see a live picasso paint ever again... but in Jazz, you can play the same piece again and again and it will sound different every time. That is the magic of Jazz... It's freedom.

    like Louis Armstrong once said, "if you have to ask, you'll never know..."

    But speaking of him, I'm really really high, so if you didn't understand me in reading this, that's ok too. I guess I could tell you a cool story about Jazz so maybe you might have something to relate to..

    A long time ago Louis Armstrong was playing with a band at a place called the Cotton Club. During the break, him and the drumer smoked a joint out back. The Police saw them and arrested them. They were sentenced to 6 months in prison... The charges were eventually dropped after the media stopped paying attention. Soon Louis Armstrong was smoking joints before performing on stage up until the day he died. Yup, that lovely New Orleans mascot, honored by Congress, and official United States Postage Stamp was a stoner.

    Not to say he's my favorite Jazz musician, but I respect his history.. This guy was in the middle of a lot of shit all the time with gangsters and mobsters. This guy was tough, real tough... tougher than Sinatra....

    Hmm, if you're wondering... Miles Davis tried pot, but he never liked it. He was addicted to Heroin for several years. He wasn't much of an alcoholic either. John Coltrane was an alcoholic, he died when he was 47 in 1964. He was a heroin addict too, but quit after a few years. Monk influenced him to kick his addiction. He focused more on his music and eventually started drinking heavily. Miles Davis kicked the reef of his addiction at his father's ranch in St.Louis... No medication, doctor's, music, no nothing. Just him in a cabin living on a ranch with the withdrawl symptoms of Heroin. Miles Davis was one tough mother fucker... Throughout the years after he quit cold turkey, he never really quit heroin. He just knew how to moderate when to shoot up.

    If you've ever played Jazz... you can get a more pleasurable experience out of music than you could ever get off any drug... There is something that happens in music, almost spiritually that keeps you coming back. Maybe it's an addiction too.

    And that's why I love Jazz.... I've never hit such a center of raw intellect and happiness. It's as if you're floating on a cloud. Your brain does some magificiant mathematical things... When you're playing, you're not thinking anymore. It's just happening, you're blowing and it's just happening. The brain goes somewhere else. Like those people who speak in toungs at church... they are in such ecstacy, that they go somewhere else.

    ... I just wish I had a better way to reach out to people and show them my world. I'm 23... I wish I could get more people my age to understand that you can create live art with the sound of music. I want to show them what's going on with the music... All the noise they're hearing, I want them to LISTEN.. not hear, at what exactly is going on. To hear it, so you can feel it.
  2. ya.. I'm done, maybe I should go smoke a bowl.
    San diego...
    goodnight :)
  3. I agree, and there isn't nearly enough jazz represented in the Music Hall, so maybe the fans should post more there.
  4. awesome. i agree with everything you just said.. 100% :wave:
  5. I would expect people that smoke to understand Jazz a little bit better. It's a music at first that you have to pay attention to for you to understand, but eventually it becomes an acquired taste and your ear evolves to changes in harmony and rythm. Only then can you understand the more complicated bebop styles like John Coltrane, Monk, and later; Miles Davis with Bitch's Brew. It's a music you can grow with.

    That's why a lot of people don't listen to Jazz. People don't like what they don't understand. It's the best music to for me to listen to when i'm stoned. I listen to a lot of classic rock too of course.

    If you smoke, take the time to go on an adventure with the music, you'll create some very interesting ideas. Have an open mind, Jazz is something you've never listened to before.

    Listen to this, Miles Davis - So What. 1959.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjwVwASlVn4]YouTube - So What - Jonh Coltrane and Miles Davis[/ame]

    The beginning of the song is the headpiece, soon it breaks into the solos. Each musician gets a chance to create art. Soon when the solo is over, he backs off and another takes a turn. Each musician is different, they all have different influences and styles. Take the tenor player, for example, John Coltrane. He plays a lot of notes, fast. Up and down the scale, leaving some minor notes (A technique he later learned with Thelonious Monk). Miles Davis fired Coltrane twice for his alcoholism and heroin addiction. I wouldn't of been surprised if he shot up before this performance.

    http://myromancemovie.com/images/Jo... Davis and Bill Evans making Kind of Blue.jpg

    Coltrane (Tenor - lower sounding sax) left, Cannonball(Alto), Miles Davis (Trumpet), and the square white dude... Bill Evans, piano.

    Bill Evans plays on this album, Kind of Blue. A white guy, yea. Piano player. He's one of my favorite piano players. Miles Davis once said his playing was that of a cascading waterfall. He had that suburban feel that Miles Davis blended into something hip. Miles liked money, specially the money of white people.

    They reason I mention him, is not only because he's white, but how they fucked with him when he first joined the band. Before the first rehearsal, everyone put their instruments down and Miles Davis, with a very serious look, told him that he had to let each one of them take their turn on him. That they were all gonna get drunk, and to initiate him, they had to, well.. you know, stick it in his rear, lol. Miles Davis said,

    "Listen Bill, you go think about it and let me know..." And he did, he went into a room for 10 minutes, came out and told Miles,

    "I'm sorry Miles... But I just can't do it, I'm.. I'm really sorry, I'll go now..."

    and everyone just started busting up laughing lol... they fucked with him throughout, but they liked him nonetheless. He could jam like no other...
  6. not the biggest jazz fan, listen to a little miles davis and john coltrane thats it

    lots of good info in this thread though
  7. you notice miles davis chills and lets his band play during the solo? u see him light up a reefer, a couple of guys with cigarettes.. that's a reefer laced with heroin.
  8. never really gotten into jazz, although i respect it a ton, but im going to give it another chance. ive listened to the classics, lotsa Miles David, Coltrane etc. but next time im stoned alone im putting on kind of blue or bitches brew or something and am going to really give it a listen.

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