I love it when

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  1. you're laughing with someone about something. Like seriously laughing so hard it hurts :laughing:
    And then you both stop, but one of you starts laughing again, which makes YOU burst out laughing :p and it keeps going on like that for minutes and you just feel so god damn goood!

    what about you? what do you love?
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    Haha, i know what you mean :D

    I love finding random and/or forgotten joints during a session.

    I loooooooooove suprises :hello:
  3. <3 suprises aswell!
  4. It's also amazing when everything that happens while you've got the giggles turns funny too! Like someone being all serious telling you to stop and you just don't give a fuuuuuck because they're funny as hell!! :laughing: Oh man!

  5. MY god, that was like a good 7hours of seshing last night lol.
  6. I love it when im blazing a joint to myself on saturday night, halfway through smoking it and I realise ... Dam this is a big doobie lol!
  7. You call me big poppa.

  8. Throw your hands in the air, if youse a true player
  9. I love it when ur baked as fuck and you have a bat.

    Nah also making my mates trip out by saying stuff like they've been in the toilet for about 4 hours when they just went for a piss 2 minutes ago
  10. that mood you sometimes go in where everything you say is funny as fuck
  11. i once thought i would never leave the couch, just stuck laughing for a good 5 minutes straight. good times. dank blunts, whew...

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