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  1. So, I dont have much money after working all summer and paying bills and shit. But i was able to accumulate about 150$ after my most recent paycheck. Im going back up to move into my house on tuesday at school, and i was pretty stoked to have a little money. I was going to be up there for about 5 or 6 days before any of my roommates(or really anyone) get back to school. So i'm thinking, perfect, im gonna break in my new house by just chilin and blazin for a few days before anyone gets there. Then my girlfriend drops a bombshell that since she is 20 now she is gonna have to pay 140$ for birth control. So, i immediately start feeling guilty and come to the realization that the money i was going to use for a 1/2 o just went to some birth control(i was gonna pay half cuz its the least i could after many years of no glove, and i needed the rest of the money for food at school). She gets back from the appointment and tells me that for some reason it was free again. I immediately realize i'm gonna be able to cop again! werd.
  2. why does she need birth control? most of those pills really mess up your system. you guys should just use condoms - much cheaper!

    its good they say its "free again" - i'm guessing its some kind of thing with her parents' insurance....

    and man i miss being your age. when $150 was a decent amount of money. Hell, I just spent $150 yesterday on gas, cigarettes, and groceries.
  3. Much cheaper and for the cheapness you get a cheapening of the experience(as far as the man is concerned anyway[my opinion]).

    All I'm saying is, if I wanted to have sex with chewing gum I'd buy double bubble.

    That's just my opinion though... I really REALLY hate condoms...
  4. you know birth control doesn't protect from STD's though, right? and you never know what people don't tell you.

    just saying... i know quite a few people in long term relationships who wound up getting something - whether it was lying dormant for a while and came out (herpes) or their partner was secretly sleeping with someone on the side.

    shit happens.
  5. It has nothing to with insurance. Girls are able to go to the "clinic" to get birth control with no consent of there parents. I guess the way the governemtn looks at it is, if the girl wants to make a responsible choice to protect herself from early pregnancy she can without the complications of dealing with parents. It is completely free, no strings attached, so in essence i win twice. I dont have to pay for rubbers and it is much more effective than condoms, as it is 99.9 percent effective(if taken as directed). It also has many other positive effects such as period regularity and whatnot)

    but thats neither here nor there, i get bud that was the main point!
  6. i have been dating this girl since i was a freshman in high school i'm not too worried about the std's at this poiint. and we attend the same school.
  7. No I'm just saying there would be no reason for them to say "Oh, you're 20, sorry but this isn't free anymore."

    If you have charity care through like Planned Parenthood or something, your age doesn't determine the benefit amount, its usually your income that does. But if she's still getting it for free, then there's no issue there. But really, birth control does bad things to women - for her own sake she should probably stop taking it (unless she's actually only taking it for period regularity).

    Birth control pills have far more negative side effects than condom usage. Condoms protect from STD's, birth control does not. Condoms are 98% effective and some birth control pills say they're 99% effective if taken correctly. I'd so much rather have a guy i'm with use a condom than put my body through the hell that birth control pills inflict.

    I'm just speaking from personal experience, and the experiences of pretty much every female friend of mine. Even that new Yaz stuff - pretty much all birth control pills make the woman gain weight and effects their mood. Hooorrrible.
  8. that honestly doesn't mean anything.
  9. if were talking about personal health here, i would say cigarrettes have a much more harmful effect on the body than the pill ever would. as you stated you spent a good deal of money on them already as well.
  10. cigarettes have long term health effects. birth control has short term AND long term effects. there are so many different negative effects - all you need to do is do a google search and you'll find plenty.

    birth control pills also lead to sexual dysfunction. wait until your girlfriend gets a little older, if she continues on them, her sex drive will plummet.

    but yeah, birth control pills messed me up royally and I'm staying as far away from them as possible. I don't know anyone who has anything good to say about birth control, but that's just me.

    i'm pretty sure birth control has done worse to me than cigs at this point. and i didn't spend a "good deal of money" on cigarettes. i spent a "good deal of money" on the gas and the groceries.

    are you the same age as your girlfriend? if so I can understand your naivete in the situation. give yourself another 5 years or so and you'll see what i'm talking about.
  11. hahaaha well i still got some bud, but thanks for missing the point of the post
  12. there's no need for the attitude man, i was just stating my beliefs.

    maybe you need to smoke a bit and chill...
  13. I think the both of you missed one anothers point. :smoke:
  14. now there is some good advice:smoke:
  15. nah, i got his point of being able to smoke.

    i just felt it necessary to point out that birth control isn't a cure all. it seems young people don't quite understand the risks and repurcussions of having unprotected sex.

    but either way, my lips are sealed now.. zippity zip!
  16. never thought it was a cure-all just her method of choice maybe different bodies have different reactions to it.

    but thank you for the insight and pardon my dickheaded comment
  17. its ok and pardon my wording if it came out intrusive. i'm really not a bitch lol just overly opinionated and very bad at having it sound as innocent as it is.

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