i love it when spring comes around

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  1. the flower bed we are using its roughly 4ftx6ft
    these are the bugs we have to deal with :D
    these are our lady's 5 grapes and a black widow we harding them up for the outside today is there second
    just goin outside to hang out im thinking Friday will be they planting day by latest
  2. Looking good!
    Your lucky were I am we have had so much rain I've been delayed
    Probably atleast another 3-4 weeks! :(

    Mr. Duke
  3. last night was suposed to be our last frost so the ladys should be able to rock :D
  4. Your ladies look great and the garden space looks good too. I wish I was able to do an outdoor grow in my backyard where I could still keep a close eye on my ladies, good luck sir.
  5. [​IMG]
    here is the the trellis for the lady`s to help with there height cant have them growning to tall :D
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    Are you going to do a screen of green with that
  7. something like that :D
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    Well shit I'm gonna pull up a chair and spark one up for this 
  9. -update-
    so the flower bed got a little bit of a different layout then originally planned
    [​IMG]the picture above is them is like two weeks old
    and this is them now they are getting big :D
  10. wow! looks good. lovin' all the green :)
  11. -update-
    so its been awhile but here you go [=
    the last picture is not that current it was taken a couple weeks ago im goin to have to take a new one and post it [=

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