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I love hot girls who smoke mary jane

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by God's Son, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. If a hot girl smokes weed, its such a huge bonus and turn on for me. Just seeing them puffing on a joint, packing a bowl or using marijuana's just HOT.
  2. right...i can care less
  3. What are you, gay?

    (*So what if they are? *RMJL)

    (Signature deleted due to it being over the allowed signature size. Please refer to the rules and change it to regulation size. Thanks.)
  4. dudes calm down.

    girls how are hot and smoke we are cool,
    and caring less is proberly cool too.

    chill chill
  5. stoner chicks rule.... but there are a lot of really hot girls that dont smoke, and sadly even oppose smoking.
    thats life.
    (all the stoner chicks in my town are either taken or just kinda gross lol)
  6. Smnoking chicks are hot..

    We must charish them to the end of time!!!!
  7. i have a hot girl friend. and i just got her to start smoking like 2 weeks ago.

  8. truer words were never spoken

    *Beins to bow waynes word style*

    We not worthy
    We not worthy
  9. stoner girls that are hot, are beautiful, i love them so much, lol...
  10. Agreed. Hot girls who puff are dope. Hot girls rolling blunts is the biggest turn on for me, hah. Theres a pretty good looking stoner girl at our school, she's like 14 or something though, but whatever.
  11. WOOOOO For stoner chicks!
  12. age is just a number my friend. i met 2 girls who are totally cool with smoking and sometimes do it themselves. the more the merrier i say

  13. Err, that CAN get a little wierd if you use it to the extremes.

    And yeah, girls who smoke are pretty hot.

    And, can we chill with the responding to posts in with negative or passive aggressive comments? Ive noticed a few people doing this and its kinda getting to me. If you dont care for the thread, chances are no one is going to care for your reply, and therefore, dont make one is probably the best route to keep everyone happy.

    I suggest we get a message preview, where you hover on the title of the title and it shows you the first few lines of the post, and then you can go into only those threads which actually interest you and you can skip those that do not.
  14. female smokeing, male smokeing, dont matter for me, as long as i have a smokeing buddy..... but sometimes by the way a female smokes u can tell how she is in southcentral LA..... so yea, sometime i start likeing them, but still show much respect and wont step on a friendship, something i wouldent want to lose after the break up(if there a break up)......
  15. ahh, hot stoner chicks are great. i hang out with wuite a few of them on a regular basis, though only a few are available at the time, im constantly working my magic cause im the man.
  16. only super hott gals are allowed to puff my hose...
    ...and my vaporizor hose, too.

  17. What are you, a homophobe?
  18. i couldnt agree more
  19. ha.......*The use of that word on the forum will not be tolerated*.....Peace out.......Sid

  20. I'd puff your hose to puff your hose....Im jk...and Im stoned...

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