I love her and she loves me!

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    She smells of blueberries, oranges and grapes.
    She takes care of the toughest of aches.
    She never abandons in the darkest of hours.
    She relieves suffering with her blossoming flowers.
    She is gods blessing for all life to share.
    She helps those in the deepest of despair.
    She converts skeptics without a fight.
    She makes everything cozy at night.
    She is sacrificed yet she never complains.
    She eases headaches and splitting migraines.
    She lifts the spirit and she warms the soul.
    She is rolled in fatties and packed in bowls.
    She is put in coffee and steeped in tea.
    She unlocks the mind, body and spirit with her magical key.
    She loves all life unconditionally.
    She will grow in heavenly light for all eternity.
    I love her and she loves me!
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  4. So lets hear what she got to say
    for I fear this is gonna be a one way track

    lemme call @Jeffersong808,
  5. Ehhh weed gets me high....

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