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I Love Fluffy Buds **MACROS**

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Grandma Gudenhi, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I grow my own, outdoors. Every year we grow several varieties. Every now and then we will get a plant that has really fluffy buds. I know everyone likes nice tight buds, but why? This season our Sour Diesel turned out fluffy. It's one of our most potent. It's very tasty and smooth. And because it's fluffy, you don't have to mess with it before you put it in your bowl. No breaking it up or grinding it. Just break off a piece and pop it in the bowl. Last season it was our Headband. Still potent and sticky but very fluffy. It was one of my fav. strains last season. And a few years ago I had a Huckleberry that was excellent but fluffy. I'm beginning to really enjoy the idea of fluffy buds.
    Here are a few macros
    This first one is the Headband from last season.

    This is the fluffy Sour Diesel from this season.
  2. I got some fluffy sour d about a month ago, was very nice :smoke:
  3. Those pics make my mouth water. I wish I had that.
  4. I got some really fluffy Super Banana Kush and Super Lemon Haze about 8 months ago, they both have stood out in my memory ever since I smoked them, would love to get my hands on your fluffy buds :smoke:
  5. Holy shit that's a lot of crystal
  6. these pics fixed my cottonmouth
  7. wow that looks good.
  8. #8 MonsieurX, Nov 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2011
    I totally agree (and what nice pics as well, my finger almost just got stuck to the screen lol)!!! I just came to the same conclusion recently when I harvested three small plants I'd been growing (all strain Ice by Nirvana). Two had compact buds and one went fluffy. The best smoke (what I'm smoking right now hehe) was the fluff for sure, in regards to both taste and potency. I think the reason people like compact dense buds is because they associate high density with high weight ("dense buds means you get more THC right?" wrong...), which is really rubbish. Weed is moved around by weight not density, so fluffy or compact you're still getting approximately the same amount of active ingredients per unit weight. Not to mention I've noticed that the fluff plant had a higher calyx/leaf ratio and larger calyxes than the others. O and you are obviously a really experienced grower - those buds are amAZING - so don't judge my shitty journal plz haha
  9. downside to fluffy buds (for growers): trimming/manicuring is a bitch when there's no dense central bud location. that's all I can think of though...:smoke:
  10. Some of tha best buds I ever smoked were fluffy! Downside is u end up with a lot of shake,got a zip of shake on a HP of sum fluffy Afgoo last week smh:smoke:
  11. My buds from my grow are very fluffy to. No where near the quality of your Sour D though (it was just some bagseed grown for my first grow experience) and I love it.
  12. Damn, nice to see some decent macros, those trichs look juicy...

    Most people seem to not know what macros are... usually when people say theyre uploading macros its just a close up. These look damn nice though
  13. It's good to see not everybody hates fluffy buds :smoke:

    Now THAT'S the truth!

    It took me forever to find a camera that was easy enough for me to use but yet still took great macros. The Nikon CoolPix S6100 for under $200 :D
  14. Mmm... That's nice. I would not mind toking on some of that. However, I tend to dislike fluffy buds. I like them more dense...
  15. [quote name='"F. Fontaine"']Mmm... That's nice. I would not mind toking on some of that. However, I tend to dislike fluffy buds. I like them more dense...[/quote]

    X2 on the liking of dense buds.
  16. Those trichs are incredible
  17. the weed we grew here in switzerland is super fluffy. not that strong tho i think the dense is better usually. either our weed is mid or not fully ready because it keeps getting better everyday.

  18. yeah they're crazy. we have nice trichomes as well but not nearly as trichomy per say.
  19. Dense weed is for bag appeal only.
  20. [quote name='"Nate489"']Dense weed is for bag appeal only.[/quote]
    How do you figure

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