I love eye drops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Blaze_It_Up420, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. OMG I love eyedrops. I had to go pickup my bosses kid from soccer and bring him to their house at 6pm. I did this, then my friend brendan asked if I wanted to blaze, and I did. I took about 5 grav bong rips of some major dank. I hadnt smoked in 3 days so I was super blazed. My eyes always do get wicked red,

    MY parents had no idea where i was at it was 6:30 I should be home by now. I start goin home and by the time I get backits 7:00, and my eyes are so red. I run in and say i need to go to the bathroom, even though im wicked late for dinner. Then I go into the bathroom and put a shitload of eyedrops in and they cleared up. Without them I woulda been fucked.
  2. haha nice being steathy is sooo fun sometimes
  3. sounds like a blast :) always carry some with you
  4. Damn im goin out tommorow i gotta bring eyedrops. Do you do put them in after you smoke or b4 cause i heard doing it b4 works good too?
  5. sometimes i put them in while im smoking, you know between passing the bong or joint. and yeah u should really keep some with you whenever you are out
  6. i never use eye drops.. and my eyes usually always go red as hell. i hate putting them in. i've tried a few times, but i always end up missing. but meh, i've yet to be caught. well, by anyone significant anyways. my friends and stuff always know.. but never teachers or parents and stuff. well, maybe they do.. but they nver say anything.
  7. I've mastered eye dropping. I like the feeling Rhoto V brings to my eyes.
  8. I loce Rhoto V, but today i thought I would try clear eyes.
  9. Oh yeh, thanks for reminding me, I have to pick up another bottle of eye drops. The bottle I have now is practically done and it expires in a couple of days. Can't live without my Rhoto V. My eyes get really red.
  10. i have never used eyedrops. it just seems like cheating to me, im proud of the fact that i smoke, and i dont care if other people know. it also helps when your parents and bosses are cool about smoking.....
  11. Same here man, No matter what my tolence my eyes are always bloodshot like a roadmap after 1 bowl.
  12. haha never had red eyes before haha. Glad i dont have to use eye drops lol that sucks
  13. Rhoto V cool ones... and regular Clear Eyes work like a fuckin dream
  14. haha just picked up a bottle of visine now im all set.
  15. I usually do em b4, just one drop in each eye and Im set

  16. lol i always struggle with drops too, but when i do manage to get them in they work like a charm
  17. dude funny thing i always wait a lil bit like 30 min after i smoke to put in visine because i love the feeling i get in my eyes when they are really red and half closed right after i smoke its so fun its like the definitetion of being baked cuz i feel like it.....then of course i put em in and they work like a charm my miracle :smoke:
  18. personally, i think clear eyes fucks up your high. that's why I put them on before I blaze it
  19. im lucky..i could smoke a fukin ounce n not have red eyes :p

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