I love enjoying earth's timeless pleasures

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. There are so many things that the human race has enjoyed for thousands of years. Just last night, i was smoking some weed, drinking some nice, cold green tea with honey, and eating some tasty food. I love how i was enjoying myself so much; and that somebody could have been getting the same enjoyment out of the EXACT same thing 2000 years ago. how awesome

    its all tried and true. weed, tea, food... we've all loved it for thousands of years!
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  2. good thoughts, man

    good thoughts
  3. Amen dude. It just gives you that little extra push to make life all that awsome.
  4. Just the fact that we can see what our past ancestors have accomplished is what amazes me. Like how a roof doesn't fall and shit. How motherboards and graphics cards of computers amaze me. Just how advanced our population has become. I personally think music is the best pleasure. I mean which person on earth have you met that didn't like any music. Maybe some really relgious people but thats only very few and rare. Everyone loves music.
  5. i agree 100%, and often think about, everything you just stated. I always look at random things, and wonder... "how the fuck did someone figure this out?" like, a remote control for a tv. I get how it works, but man, but damn people actually had to invent and produce these. Everything is just a building block, and everything we do is just an advancement that leads exponentially to more and more advancements. its crazy.

    and deffinitely, music. music is my life. i play guitar, and playing, writing or listening to music is the only thing that truly truly truly makes me happy. They say heroin makes you forget about every care in the world, but i don't need that when i got music... does the same thing for me lol. and even religious people like music, just different kinds of music. music is the universal language... i love how i can speak to everyone!
  6. I'm listening to some Utopia, smoking some ATF, mixed with a little hashish, and about to slap some meats on the fire, and I look up this forum and see the very words I was thinking, as a thread title. Add an ancient Brew called Bass Ale, and slap my Bass Guitar, and go Bass fishing tomorrow!

    Good Labor Day To You!

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