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I love dense bud like this....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Little Wing, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. Ahh, I just picked up a little over 5 grams of this beautifully dense bud. I just love the way dense bud burns forever... Everything I have picked up recently has been super fluffy, which is nice in its own way, so this dense bud is a nice change. After a couple hits off the bong I was set for a couple hours!

    Oh yeah, its a humbolt medical strain grown indoors somewhere in Washington...
  2. Damn looks nice. +rep, I like dense bud too man
  3. fuck that is some nice bud dude....very nice +rep
  4. Nice pictures and bud, +rep for the quality of the picture
  5. Ahhhh, finally some high quality pics (tired of cellphone pics :p). Those look very nice, just the way good weed should look. Yeah I got to sample some humbolt medicinal from a friend from SF. Its good shit, have fun with that! :smoke:
  6. nice bud, nice quality pics too, finally. enjoy that :smoke:

  7. Thoose look great. Nice Sack
  8. *claps*

    *claps some more*

    Raises hand. Me too! Me too! :hello: That shit looks GREAT!
  9. i was smoking some bomb bud like that last week...good high...nice pics
  10. damn leme get summ dat im so envious grrr:mad: lol
  11. Oh for the love of god Little Wing... I can't stop opening this damn thread and looking at your nug shots. Good lord I have a problem. :smoking:
  12. ^^ someone seems like a HIGH poster lol

    Nice nug man! i made the first pic the background on my computer... it usually has high times shit... but that shit looks fire too. nice pic angle and shit too
  13. Thank you everyone, glad you can all get some enjoyment out of this bud too, I know I sure am:smoking:

    but seriously... today has been a bit of a lazy one!
  14. Gotta be careful with weed that dank. Could have you trippin some serious balls.
  15. Damn that looks good.:yummy:
  16. mmmm thats fuckin good dense bud man....nice camera too good clear pics
  17. damnnnnn thats gorgeous +rep
  18. Those nugs look tasty, love the nug pic. JOE> +rep:D
  19. that is some good looking dadanktadank

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