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I love comedowns.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crisk21, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. It is much better than the climax or upbring. I don't like the feeling of not knowing what the fuck is going on more than the feeling of looking in the future of your day and thinking how fun and great it will be and how much you will love it. On comedowns I always think about "Today is going to be great" or "I'm having so much fun!" but when I'm at the climax of my high I just space out and be creative with what I say. Sure it's fun but I like the comedowns more. You're still really high but you are bring the real world into your high mind.

    Is anyone else the same?
  2. coming down just makes me want to sleep

  3. Can't argue with that lol
  4. I like comedowns for things that are grown in poop if ya nom seen. For things that are grown hydroponically or in soil, comedowns are the enemy.
  5. I'm just sleepy and zoned out coming down.
  6. You have no idea what a comedown is.:cool:

  7. this post is fucking win
  8. I love them too, I find that I have a higher sense of clarity while coming down from the apex of my high. I usually can resolve issues and find peace with myself then the latter while I'm ascending to the threshold of ineffable highs!
  9. The indica comedown can be lethal... :p
  10. I hate coming down.....It makes me so sleepy and makes me feel bad :(
  11. I wish I had your mindset.. I guess I will when I decide to unseal my sativas.
  12. The rise and climax of my high is perfect. I can't stand coming down. That's why I keep some xanax close by.....
  13. whats a comedown? don't think i've ever experienced that before :D
  14. come downs are the worst it's like your not high and your not sober, and you just want to be high again. I can tell you haven't been smoking that long cause you still get so different when you smoke. The more you smoke the funner it'll be for just hanging out and doing lame stuff.
  15. #15 kronman907, Aug 6, 2011
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    This is terrible lol. Poppin pills to keep ur high going
  16. Probably 80% of the time, my comedowns make me want to sit, eat some food and leave me kind of sleepy. I feel kind of out of it and suck at keeping a conversation going.

    10% of my comedowns are from super indica heavy bud and make me sleep. Thats it, just sleep. Thats the rest of my day, the couch.

    5% Are from strictly sativas and leave me feeling exactly the same as before I smoked.

    5% are awesome. Its just some random hybrid strain but I come out of the high super happy, super talkative and funny, all I want to do is go talk to people and laugh. I'm not high any more. There is zero buzz, I just feel great.
  17. I enjoy climax...

    Honestly, though, the feeling of coming down makes me kind of feel like I'm getting tired and then suddenly I'm sober and not really tired. It's weird and I don't think I like them. lol
  18. Umm.... Are you guys smoking crack or weed?....... Am I missing something? You guys aren't coming down.

    /face palm

  19. Dude he's talking about like when the high goes away, not like a comedown off of stimulants. There's a big difference, but you still eventually get sober with weed. lol

  20. But PRESCRIPTION of course, right? ;)

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