i love christmas presents

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by thedanksta, Dec 28, 2003.

  1. the dankety danksta does it again
    got some of the bomb diggity chokety chokyness
    herrrrr we go now
    alright alright alright alright alright alright
    dre 3gs
    fo sugady

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  2. ahahaha

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  3. haha holy shit you got that dank ass shit for christmas???
  4. I wish Santa would bring ME some of that shit for christmas!! ;)
  5. Toke up, that looks the same as mine :smoke:
  6. well i got the money for it from christmas
    so yeah it was a present to myself
  7. everytime you post a "new" kind of bud its the same thing and you dont get killer buds its just some Kine Bud(KB)and my shit is better then any of the stuff you put up and mines just KB pisses me off when ppl make thier bud seem so good and they call the same stran 4 diff. kinds
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    fuck dude dont be so negative....

    is it the best shit in the world? no...and he isnt saying it is...

    he is showing us what he got...in my opinion that is some nice bud...but fuck i guess nobody knows as much as you do...huh?
  9. I swear you make a new thread at least once a week showing the same looking buds, theres even a thread like 5 places below you created thats like this. I mean its always nice to see some fine buds like that but not this often when its always the same.

  10. ne wayz

    why yall gotta hate
    "i got bomber shit than u"
    like i give half a fuck
    i get high and
    i just post what i get
    sorry if it puckers ur butthole
    freedom of postage

    i exercise it muh fawka'z
  11. Ok sorry if that offended you , but you dont have to reply with abusive language. I wasnt hating i was advising.

  12. it has nothing to do with that..... alot of the time, when somebody posts a pic, the camera distorts alot.... also...who said anything about any strain of mj looking differant, most of it has the same similarities....thus making it some what hard to distinguish, bud from bud....
    an trust me friend, i've smoked the best and worst this world has to offer, looks decent enough to me.... so who cares as long as it gets you high, cause thats the whole point anyway....:)
  13. Bluntsmoker your crazy my man dem's da bangins and if you dont think so perhaps you should smoke a bit more before you say silly things =)

  14. dont worry bout them haterz dank they seem a lil jealous
    shit my experiENce with bud iz it makes me happy so since they hatin on your post THEY MUST BE DRY........HoLLa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and those nuggas look very tasty from the looks of them the smell must be sweet!!!
  15. sorry for the offensive linguistics

    i dunno i like to use words like fuck and shit

    pardon me but no offense taken from ne one

    im proud of the weed i get and it gets me stuck as fuck

    and thanx to every1 thats not hatin

    or advising

    fo sho though homey

    nothin but love for cannibus
  16. listen to yourselves...man if i could get half of what all you are getting, I mean I know I am not the only one in the world who can only get there hands on schwag, but fuck!!! you guys are arguing over who has better kind bud. I would kill for bud like that.
  17. oh man two frogs humping!!!! i am still laughing about that. the second pic look at it again lol.

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