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I love blunts!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Caty, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I used to hate them because they waste a lot of weed but now I love them. Yesterday me and a few friends were downtown and we decided to go smoke. I roll a pretty nice L (first time rolling in months) and we decide to go to Rittenhouse and smoke in the park. My friend is so against L's so he decides he's going be a smartass and he grabs his bubbler. We get to the park and it's probably like 8pm so anyway me and my friend start smoking our blunt and our other friend whips out his bub and starts smoking his own bowls. A cop comes over to us and I just held the L down because I didn't want to put it out. The cop smiles and it friendly, then he sees my friends bubbler and he ARRESTS him for paraphernalia even though I'm RIGHT THERE smoking my blunt. Nothing happened to me at all and the cop goes "sorry about your friend. have a good night!" It was such a weird night, but yea blunts are the shit and I like the way they hit. No point to this story really, but I thought I had to share.

    TL;DR I love blunts because you can smoke em walking down the street and no one cares. My friend got arrested for possession cause he was using a bubbler and I didn't because I was smoking an L!
  2. Hahaha damn thats crazy. I love smoking blunts. I havn't smoked one in a while tho. Guess its time to go buy some wraps lol
  3. When you guys seen a cop you didn't even make any attempt to at least conceal the illegal drugs?
  4. It's Philly. No one cares. The same night this crack addict asked me to use my light because he just got out of the roundhouse and needed his fix
  5. ILLADELPH! Good story, though. I've always enjoyed a nice blunt, I've just never had the income to justify using that much weed in one sesh haha.
  6. i love smokin blunts when im wit a couple other ppl! everyone puts some in an jus keep goin round. i havent smoked an L tho for like 4 yrs :/
  7. You didn't try to warn your friend?
  8. I don't get all the blunt hate. I love them. If you don't wanna waste weed just roll a smaller blunt. I like to use these mini-cigarillos and roll a small blunt with about the same amount of weed as a joint... or maybe less. I love the way they taste and hit. :D
  9. Have you ever tried a backwood? :smoking:
  10. Lol I live in philly and there's some hardcore homeless crackheads living in rittenhouse, I don't think they care much about weed in that area.
  11. only thing is, unless your used to tobacco, you get headaches from them later. at least i do, but i love em nonetheless
  12. im currently in philly too, and i usually just walk around and smoke whenever i do it. its pretty chill
  13. My brother and I do weekly blunts when I come home for the weekend from school. Its a cool thing we got going.
  14. Completely off topic but I saw u in another thread caty and you are sexy as fuck
  15. The city of brothers on drugs!
  16. Blunts are good for when you want to smoke a lot of weed to the face. I usually get too high to keep packing bowls if I'm trying to smoke the same amount that I'd roll in a blunt.

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