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I LOVE being weird.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Iceni Toker, Apr 24, 2010.

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    Does anyone else feel the need be completely different and take the words "Freak, wiredo..etc as compliments?

    Personally, i'm an old fashioned rocker, im 19 and I make a point of being myself 100 percent of the time, regardless of what others think. I'm a very liberal, anti establisment stoner also.
    Because of this attitude on life i'm often seen as weird due to my personallity, looks and actions. Of course this doesn't bother me (although people want it to) and embarrasment is a feeling i've almost learned to forget (as it's useless and stops you doing/ being what you want). In fact when someone thinks i'm strange I now take it as a compliment, as it means i'm doing a great job at being myself :D Also, it shows who your true friends are when people think your strange yet they still hang around with you, and teaches you to never be ashamed. So who else is like this? Do you have the same philosophy?

    Edit: Also, this attitude is usefull for pissing people off who want you to be somthing your not. I made the thread and realised this is another main reason i'm like this. I love pissing people off (who are assholes)

    You damn freak.
  2. Yeah I've never really took weird as an insult. To me all that means is that there is a depth to the person that you don't understand, which is cool. I think I'm probably weird to most people, but it's all I know how to be. I'm just being myself ya know? And I enjoy being myself.
  3. I'm 19 as well and I guess I could be considered strange. I'm glad you've adopted the importance of the pursuit of happiness because I see how unhappy so many people can be under the guise of their 'perfect life'.

    You should really introduce your mind to different music, if you are indeed as open to your personal endeavors as you say you are. I used to listen to nothing but metal and rock, which has its obvious place, but there is so much more to experience.

    When I started exploring other genres including classical, medieval folk, and even the Lion King Soundtrack, I efficiently associated them with the formulas present in sappy ballads, insane guitar solos, and outrageous vocalizations. I was blown away.

    Simply a suggestion, because later on you'll learn that nothing is absolute. It's okay to be wrong, and if you can master humbleness, it's even better to wield admittance to being incorrect.
  4. I feel like the stranger the person is, the more he/she is actually being themselves.

    In a sense, those that are weird are more in tune with their nature that others.

    :love: weird people
  5. haha wowww i could not agree with you more. im so weird, i have a weird sense of humor, and people tell me this all the time. people that try to act cool, smooth, and cocky are huuuge turnoffs. you don't know who they really are, except for fake and shallow. im attracted more towards people that aren't afraid to be unusual. i love it when people throw me offguard by saying something really weird!
  6. Agree 100%.
    Why would anyone want to be normal?
    It looks really boring.
  7. I don't like being a freak but I can't help myself!! :devious:
  8. I love being different, but maybe not so much weird.
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    I've been called weird by some questionable people... it reminds me of fat people making fun of fat people.

    Last year somebody felt they should make fun of my clothes. I don't buy designer clothes, or anything expensive. My pants are most likely $15-$25, my shirts are the same. So anyways somebody was talking shit about my 'shitty' clothes. It's like dude... I have plenty of money to buy 'expensive' clothes, I just choose not to.

  10. Haha! man, let them have pride in their designer clothes that were made by children in 3rd world countries. :rolleyes: I know a billionaire who wears lee's and $5 shirts. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
  11. Yeah... :smoking:

  12. Good shit man, I listen to metal most of the time but I can definately feel it's dark, powerfull operatic roots. Wagner mixed in with a bit of blues is metal, and betehoven was like the Eddie Van Halen of the 1700's. I do ocaisonaly listen to some classical or jazz so I suppose my muical taste is pretty varied compared to most people.
  13. OP, you sound a lot like me, very liberal, anti-establishment and into ancient music...

    Being weird is a good thing I think, to a degree. There's a difference between people who are benignly weird and obnoxiously/disturbingly weirld, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't accept and love the obnoxiously/disturbing weird too, somehow.

    I'd probably consider myself a weird too, and have been called weird... but people love me because I'm me, you know? :D
  14. I agree with you and I am also weird 100% to the max haha. I look at it the same way, I've been told no one has ever met anyone like me, which was a huge compliment. Some people just can't see the truth in themselves in life and are artificial/fake. NOT US haha :hello: +rep for being a FREAKKKKK!
  15. I love taking massive dumps in the morning.
  16. How are we weird if we're all weird. I'm just me, and im like no one else.
  17. I liked this, I know this isn't a pissing contest, anyways I am going to go right ahead and piss.
    To begin, I have never felt or been part of anything but this is mostly through my own choice. I am a self confessed misanthrope and some say asshole. I see people for what they are, I am a massive cynic. My glass is empty. I listen to a range of music from the 60's and other stuff people my age are too stupid to comprehend (metal ect.) Musically nowadays it's mainly rock. I value the truth above all things. I rarely connect with anyone and I am emotionally damaged really. It is so rare for me to find a woman who truely understands me so when I find them I keep them. Liberal, I love my drugs, I love learning. I have a non-existent conscience. My friends barely know me, I keep them for the perks really. The most suckish thing is when I have to pretend to feel things that I don't. As far as I know I was born alone and i'll die alone. I am way too sarcastic. I am starting to believe I am a psychopath lately or at least a sociopath. I get what I want even through complex chains of manipulation. Anti-establishment. I enjoy science when I am stoned. I hate myself. I can be eccentric at times. I provoke and annoy which is always fun. I am really hoping 2012 is the end. If cancer doesn't kill me liver failure will, I drink too much jack daniels. I'd say I have 4 real friends. I like to test people.

    A few examples of my wierdness:
    A: why are you late again?????
    me: My aids is playing up.

    I get held up for my things, guy pulls a 22. on me and says give me your shit. To which I answer 'cool a gun, however no, idiot there are no rounds in that gun, see you later sport.'

    I liked this thread I am glad I found it. To the eye I am pretty normal looking it's my personality that is wierd.
  18. Honestly, we're called weird because we don't yield or bend to that of pop culture's ever extensive will. Personally, I've dealt with it all my life. I've always found himself standing outside of the box, often challenging that of what people call normal or enjoy. I say this proudly I FUCKING HATE POP-CULTURE! it's because i've always avoided it that i've been considered weird to which oddly enough I've always been that guy in class that everyone has always hung with, kids from different social cliques have always kicked it with me because I'm me. I'm not some douche-bag who pretends to be something he's not. Prime example of my individuality. Since 1st grade i've always worn skinny cut jeans or slim cut not the skinny skater kind but the kind that fits you. i've always found it better to wear my size. To which now it pisses me off to find kids who dress like this. Not because they wear their sizes but because it's popular. so again FUCK POP-CULTURE!

    It's not me or us who's weird. It's everyone else suffering from their very own personalized Identity crisis. Fuck em, fuck em good
  19. It's wierd how the things people have said in this thread make more sense than anything, anyone I know has said. Pop culture....... because it is easy for idiots.

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