i love adderall again

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 9, 2006.

  1. i just spent the whole night reading this new book i got "confessions of a dope dealer" it's a real good book about a guy selling pot, shrooms, and acid and i've been on 90mg of adderall xr and am kind of coming down so i'm going to take another 30mg to get me through the day, man...i forgot how great this shit was, and hated it for so long.
  2. ha yea i wish i wasnt on it all my life, but hell yea for adderall helping me through my all nighter last night!

    you gotta love uncle sam's speed.
  3. how is confessions of a dope dealer?
  4. I took about 20 mg's one tyme and it just made me so turbo man, It was a little too much for me I just like to chill, but it was different. JOE>

  5. it's a real good book, there are quite a few spelling errors, but with all the drugs this guys taken, i don't blame him haha, it's written quite well, and really hooks you, i took the adderall so i could read the book, and i got 2/3s of the way through it, and it's kind of getting boring, but i still no it's a good book
  6. ha im on it right now, i honestly dont think i woulda got through high school without it
  7. If you're doin 90mg during the day, and then another 30mg to come down, you might as well just do speed man.
  8. nah it was just for last night, 'cause i had found my old perscription with 11 left so now i'm down to 7 or 8 i might have had 12...so i'm just going to save those for when i need em or want to stay up all night reading again...i'm a passionate reader.:eek:

    emag i'm going to shoot you a pm about the book, i highly suggest everybody check it out even if you don't like reading it's all about the drug culture in high school, college, and a burn out which happens to him and it's a real good story, pretty funny, well written, and i mainly read books about drugs haha, it's what gets my attention so i don't space off and read to myself without paying attention haha
  9. that sounds like a good book, another GREAT read is "a million little pieces" its not ALL true, but its still amazing. the drugs this guy survived through, man, i cnat wait to be like him haha. jk, its a great book though.

    hmm. and about adderal, ive only done it once, one 30 mg xr pill...didnt feel anything, but i just dont spend much on pills
  10. ya they fuck me up too, its like fuckin speed
  11. drumroll please.................adderall is speed.
  12. Where did you pick this book up at...ive been interested in reading this one. Would somewhere such as Barnes and Noble carry it? Also, do you have any other reccomendations for good books that you have read as I have been looking for some to occupy my time.

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