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I lost my weed...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ONEOFHAM, Mar 25, 2012.

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    I got done blazing yesterday around 3 and I cannot remember where I put my bottle (I put my weed, stems and res all in separate baggies and then inside a prescription bottle to keep it fresher and also too keep the scent down), and I'm kinda sketching out right now. One of 3 things could have happened 1. I left it out in plain view and my mom found it. I dont that's happened at least yet because she seemed pretty chill all day 2. I got so paranoid I randomly chucked it in my backyard somewhere to avoid someone finding it. seeming more and more likely as i fail to find it 3. I hid it somewhere freakin' ingenious. Seems to be the most likely, as i would remember throwing it and I can't find it in any of the usual places anyway, what I'm asking is, where did that lost sack turn up? well, the god damn shift bar dont work on this site, sorry its all scrunched together...
  2. Since Mom is not throwing a fit, you are likely right that she did not find it. However, isn't it time you gave your room a good cleaning? :rolleyes: Might have rolled under the bed or something, or you may accidentally come across just where you "freakin' ingeniously" hid it! ;)

    If that turns up nothing, I guess some "yard work" is in your future! lol

    When you are not high, figure out a good place to put your stash, and stick with it!
  3. I have a few places where i would store my weed, and they are REALLY good, but they just arent the most accessable while im high. and then i had one inside of a flashlight but i lost that flashlight. i just smoked the res in my pipe hoping that i would remember where it is while im high... IM OFF TO HUNT!! *da-da da da*

  4. Haha I always used to lose my stash when I had to hide it because I'd always do it so high.. Great advice :D
  5. That just blew my fuckin' mind. i really dont know why.
  6. I've never gotten stoned and lost weed, only when I'm drunk will I lose my bud. Like every weekend I get trashed ill lose something. So far I've lost mad weed, my back to my phone, my new back to my phone, 20 dollars, my wallet, my drivers license, but most of these I've found haha.
  7. This happens to me all the time, ill hide something when I'm high and won't be able to find it again till I get in the same mental state.
  8. Don't hide something if you are high. If you create a designated stash spot for your weed, and always put it back in that spot when you are done, then your chances of losing weed gets slimmer.
  9. Still can't find that FAT humongous one I had just lit up and HID in my bsmt when someone knocked on my door.

    Goin on 3 years now
  10. haha this happened to me except with the tobacco filling from a swisher. I gutted the swisher put the filling in a baggie to throw out but i left it on the table to go roll the swisher. i finished and i was admiring my blunt because it was a perfect roll so i forget all about the baggie and go out to blaze it. I get finished and so stoned, come back inside, eat, and then leave.

    6 hours later i come home and my mom confronts me saying "what' this!?" and she's holding the baggie full of tobacco...she thought it was weed lollololololollolololool

  11. "I lost my weed plus my fucking diapers wet"-Bizarre.
    That's all I thought of when I looked at the topic title.
    D12-Devils Night
  12. Wow you're an idiot lol. Loosing weed? You might as well misplace your gold and platinum.
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    Always found my weed when high... Usually not the case when drunk :rolleyes:

    Especially at parties. Drunk people who find sacks lying around tend to immediately consume them lol
  14. lol, i havent read the whole thread, but OP ur funny....i love how you have it down to 3 situations thats couldve happened.."or i hid it in an ingenious spot" lmao....

    when i was in college, when i couldnt finish a blunt or joint, id put the clip on top of my cork board (there was like a lil space maybe 2inches perfect to hide it)..

    well yea of course the last day of classes when i was cleaning out my dorm to go home, needless to say, i found at least 20+ half blunts hahaha....was an awesome find, we got so high off of all those clips....good luck bro hope u find it, it happens though, ive lost $100 worth of weed, the most, and it sucked....i still know its on the NJ Turnpike SOMEWHERE haha
  15. A few years ago I was reupping, it was a dark summer night. I had ounces wrapped up in my jacket that I was holding, I got in my car and started to drive away and I checked my jacket and one of the bags was missing.. my heart sank because I was a few miles down the road and and oz could just be laying outside his front door or something or on the parking lot ground! I found it about 20 seconds later stuck between my seat and the middle console!
  16. lol, I still haven't found it, i tore apart the entire basement, my whole room and the f#%$ing entire backyard and the shits still gone...:mad:

    I'm going to find it in one of the weirdest places one day and be so confused, and feel a little stupid for not thinking to look there...

  17. dude you got really high and prolly left it out right in the open...your mom prolly found it and did one of two things...threw it away without thinking to look inside or...

    she is waiting for you to ask her if she has seen whatever it you have siblings cause if you do and they are around your age this is then the number 1 likely ain't finding shit homie
  18. my mom would take my stash all the time and just act like nothing happened. I would get baked and just leave my shit out ahhaah
  19. Same here mine woulf take it give it friends that smoke or just trash it n deny ever seeing it until one day I.found a bit n confronted her n she told me the truth at least 6 months later

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