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I lost my tabs!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by 420everydayson, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. nooooooooooo!

    i was walking home from a friends n its snowing right. i dont know how it happened but i had three tabs in my pocket and when i got home they were gone!!!

    fuck fuck fuck. tonite me and my bro were suppossed to trip out. haha.

    i gotta go find them.

    or go buy some more haha.

    anyone else do this shit?

    wow, i am such a dumbass.:mad:

  2. lmao i was gunna say this.
  3. Sucks.

    Even if you could find them I bet they're soaked anyway.
  4. This.

    Acid really isn't expensive though, can't you just buy more?
  5. yep, well there gone for good. ahaha.

    yah i know i got owned. lmao.

    i bought some more thou. so yahhhh. bout to take them actually. soon as my friend gets here. see ya GC. haha
  6. ive lost mine quite a bit, they keep disappearing somewhere around my mouth...

    a friend lost a ten strip at a festie, he had it in his wallet and it still somehow disappeared. he bought some more though, and i gave him a hit. shit i gave all my buddies a tab that night
  7. i dont kno too much about cid, but my theory is they got wet in your pocket and dissolved
  8. whew, well that was quite the trip. lmao.

    anyway, i guess the moral of the story is dont be dumb like myself and loose your tabs!

    oh, and acid is awesomeeeeee. haha
  9. I lost 7 tabs at a music festival in September, sucked the big one. I found them when I got home, they were in my cooler.

    Unfortunately the ice had melted and the tabs were ruined :(

    At least I got to do 2 the night I lost them! Good night :)
  10. Buying it isn't hard, since weed and acid are the cheapest thing ever up here, finding a supplier is hard, but damn is it hard!
  11. I bet that snow is tripping balls.
  12. to the OP, I am really sorry that must be a horrible feeling. You have my condolences
  13. ey man it least its snowing and icy so lucy wont go flying away into the night :cool:
  14. happened to me before. About 4-5 years ago... The last time I bought acid I had gotten like 8 hits. Split them with some friends and my girl. Well I had 2 left over and somehow I ended up losing the day I ended up tripping. Never did find them.

    As of most recent I just recently lost a half 1/8th somewhere. I was fucking positive i put it in my closet. I searched the whole thing up and down and coudln't find shit.. I bet when I move out it'll maybe turn up....Was Chocolate hash plant...actually smelled and tasted like chocolate was the funny part...damnit:mad:
  15. if its good acid it should get up and walk itself home :cool:

    just kidding :smoking:
  16. im lucky to even find acid for 10$ a hit

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