I lost my pipe ): very sad

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  1. Okay, my friend and I were smoking a little bit in the basement when my parents came home, my mom came downstairs and we put everything out etc, and put everything in our pockets. We go up to our room, and my mom comes upstairs because she was suspicious (dont worry, i havent been caught :D). However, when she came up the stairs, I told my friend to hide everything. Afterwards, we could find everything BUT the pipe. ive torn my room apart several times, and GAHH im so angry I had to write about it. I know it is somewhere in the house (unless my friend stole it) which is what's killing me. I want a new pipe, but I dont want to spend money on a pipe when I can spend money on weed.

    First post by the way. Hi all.
  2. DAYUM sorry for ur loss:(

    u left it downstairs and mom took it?
    when in doubt make an apple pipe!
  3. Sweet tale broheim. +++++++REP!!!!!!!
  4. Have you asked your friend yet? he may have stuck it somewhere or "forgot" that he stuffed it in his pocket.
  5. Not lost, misplaced.
  6. You'll find that fucker one day.

    Live and learn.
  7. You should make a memorial thread bro. Ill post in it.
  8. find it before mom does......
  9. What if like two weeks from now its late at night and OP gets up to get a drink and catches their mom smoking out of the bowl?????
  10. ^^ Then he will have found his pipe and a new source for bud. ;) :smoke:

  11. my friends parents went through his room once.
    found his bud.
    later that week it was nightime and he went downstairs for a drink.
    sure enough mom was smokin his bud!
    both his rents went to woodstock lolololol
    they be hippys
  12. thats why i quit buying pipes man i kept breaking or losing them
    invest in a nice bong or make a killer bucket

  13. I'm gonna go get a $25 mini-glass bong tomorrow after school. It looks like the blue one in this picture, except the round part is the only part that is blue; http://upload.ecvv.com/upload/Product/20093/China_Fluoscent_Glow_Mini_Glass_Bong200933110244810.jpg
  14. Ohh man that sucks :(
    I've done the same thing a few times! One time I bought a replacement pipe but the old one showed up again! Unfortunately they've both been lost since then. That's what we get for being stoners ;)
  15. One is for travel, one is for home. ;)
  16. Man i always get high and think of cool new hiding places for my bud and glass but then the next day i cant fucking remember where i hid it!
  17. Funny thing is, my brother came home one night and found out my dad had stolen some of his stash and while nobody was home, my parents smoked it and my mom ended up throwing up hahaha they felt like they hadnt done it since college, so they would give it a try. Then my brother found them high laying around the house.

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