I lost my life...

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  1. I know its a month before christmas and all the new game releases come out around this time but this year its just fucking ridiculous. Wtf am i suppose to do?

    Starting off with Arkham city. Bought It immediately and its definitely a step up from Asylum. Amazing game. Still haven't finished it.

    Then Battlefield comes out. Pretty decent game and it took up some batman time.

    Uncharted 3? Fuck it. I'll give it a go. Not better than the second but you might as well.

    CODMW3. Okay this is just getting out of hand... but all my buddies are playing online and no one shuts up about this game.

    Ah fuck, 3 days later. The fucking master of all games, Skyrim is out. I barely even remember any of these another games I was just playing. Fuck! This is going to take up so much time, why do i even have these other games???

    Oh shit Assassins creed 4 days after that?! FUCK I completely forgot about this damn game fuck fuck what do I do.

    Today. Ultimate marvel vs capcom comes out. Girlfriend loves kicking my ass on these damn games so im sure she'll buy it and I know she isnt going to watch me play skyrim anymore unless shes playing.

    What the hell just happened?
  2. Too many good games >.<... This is like a years worth of solid games within a month or so
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    Yeah, I completely agree. I expected a few games to come out this month, being a typical November, but Christ I didn't see all that coming.

    Only picked up MW(2.5) myself, playing campaign as I type.

  4. Thanks to Skyrim, other releases don't matter this year for me. Was thinking of getting BF3, but it's really just another FPS. Same with MW3 (especially MW3 lol). I might pick up Uncharted 3 some time since I enjoyed 2, but eh. I'd much rather waste away playing Skyrim.
  5. Mw3, and bf3, I'll have no life for the next month as well...but then again when did I ever have a life?
  6. Bf3 claimed my social life.

    Have new batman as well, collecting dust after bf3 was purchased...
  7. Skyrim is definitely priority for me. I feel sorry for my inanimate Batman cd thats just sitting there on my desk while I jizz all over skyrim.

    I feel more sorry for my bank account tho ><
  8. Halo CE: Anniversary came out today too.

    Really, it's only for the big Halo nerds but the DLC is out for Reach too.
  9. I was still hooked on Red Dead Redemption when BF3 came out and now Skyrim. My life is over and I'm ok with it.
  10. Ah fuck i forgot about my Red Dead. Thats what I would be on a few months back, high as hell. Game is crazy fun. I even downloaded that awesome new black horse and the ultimate suit that speeds up my recovery on that quick draw thing.

    I had to start over because I got the damn Ylod and I almost caught up to where I last left off but as you know... batman came out and etc etc etc
  11. only game i got was bf3, could care less about new mw3, its not cod4, will never be

    how ever bf3 eating up all my time.... absolutly NOTHING better than getting into a chopper and just butt fucking the other teams heli spawn point :D:D:D:D
  12. Well I was going get BF3. After playing beta, I didn't like it at all and it felt another generic fps game. I'm so done with fps.

    Skyrim is the only game that I was looking forward to beside dota 2. I thought I would never get dota 2 until next year or so. That'll give me more time to completely focus on skyrim and only skyrim. I love HoN to death so I'll keep playing that game every so often. Until today, I got a message from Valve that I got beta access to dota 2. I spend 7 hours alone just playing dota 2. That's how addicting the game is. The only games that I'll play is SC2, HoN, Skyrim and DoTA 2.
  13. its a conspiracy, the government is trying to distract you from 2012.
  14. Not at all, Diablo III's coming out in 2012.
  15. Looks like us gamers will be plenty busy until the release of GTA V.

  16. exactly, theyre planning on escaping and leaving us here. releasing awesome video games is how they keep us occupied and anticipated.
  17. Doomsday will come. Our scientists will need to find ways to implant us into video games to save our very lives.

    Put my inside dead or alive volley ball.
  18. i need a holodeck.
  19. i lost the game
  20. [quote name='"hippielama"']i need a holodeck.[/quote]

    Oh fuck....I would never leave it

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