I lost my dog..

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    Guys, tonight I lost a great friend, my grandparents dog who lived next to us got run over.., we were practically in the same home and he was always around.. :( the worst part is that my grandma is devastated, and that he's never gonna be around anymore :cry: except in our hearts..

    Got some pics for you..

    Dennis hanging out with me & my friend this summer(my friend in the pic)



    So GC, next time you smoke up, smoke a joint for one of my best friends
  2. That dog looks awfully similar to mine...
  3. That sucks man. It's really sad about your grandma, it seems that older people get extremely attached to pets, since they don't go out and socialize as much as younger people do, so a pet becomes like a spouse/best friend/companion to them.

    It sucks even more that he was hit by a car, shouldn't have died when it did.
  4. my best friends dog got hit by a car a few months ago . i dunno what id do without my dog . ill definitely burn one for Dennis
  5. Bencker, I'm truly sorry to hear that man, and I can't imagine what your going through. I've lost a dog before do to a car hitting him, and it really sucks, because you know they still had a good bit of life left to live. I'll go out and smoke one for you and your buddy now, as I'm snowed in, if you wanna play COD tonight to, I'll be on, sorry again.
  6. Thanks guys for caring, if this was any other forum I wouldnt even bother posting but you truly are great.

    KottenMouth: I will probably not be playing tonight, but thanks though dude, definately some other time.
  7. sorry man looked like a happy dog. i know that the longer u have a dog the worse it feels when there gone. the part about your grandma makes me feel bad because my 86year old grandma has a dog that she treats like a grand kid. i hope the driver of that car feels like shit.
  8. sorry to hear about your dog, sometimes a good way to heal the pain is to get another dog, the pound is full of dogs that would love to have a home.
  9. I don't man.. I already know he does, cause my grandpa knew him and he's a farmer and a huge animal lover.. I know he feels like an asshole. I do too. Cause I got so fucking upset that I punched a wall and busted up a knuckle. I have only cried a little, but I guess everyone reacts differently.
  10. Shit bro I feel you. We lost our pit bull and everyone in our family was sad. And we had to put our cat to death by euthanasia. Gonna light up a blunt for you and Dennis
  11. It seems like everyone is losing their dogs man, it's terrible. This next bowl is for Dennis (if that was your dog's name)
  12. Lost a dog I have had for a lot of my life last summer, had to put her down because of some crazy arthritis. It's pretty heartbreaking to lose a pet, the next bow I smoke is for him dog.
  13. Sorry for you man.... I too know how it feels to loose a cherished family dog.... A dog that was apart of the family before I was born lived to be friggen 17 years olds. Damn old for a dog.

    Oh well.... their spirit lives on.. Just remember the good times man..... This next "bowl" is for your dog's soul my brotha
  14. damn that looks like an awesome dog...border collie maybe?....but anyways i hope you get your feelings back to normal and all....i know how hard it is to lose man's best friend......sad
  15. yes, he was :) and yeah, border collie.

    thanks again guys
  16. poor ol hound. Sorry about your buddy dude. I guess they just don't think before goin in the road. The car is bigger than you dog, you can't win. :(
  17. looks just like my parents dog who died 2 years ago, except he was an australian shepherd. Those herd dogs are great dogs and very loyal!
  18. Damn man. Sorry to hear about that. Beautiful dog. I recently lost my buddy as well.
  19. Well I'm about to jump in the shower, but as soon as I get out, the next bowl is for your dog.

    I don't know what I'll do when I lose my dog, I will be devestated, honestly. This thread made me really wish I had my dog with me tonight, but I have to work in the morning :(

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and for your family's loss as well.
  20. I know how much it fucking sucks losing a dog, especially one you've grown up with
    are you gonna get a new one?
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