I lost a paperclip inside my bowl! :O

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  1. So I was cleaning out my bowl with a paperclip and was trying to get this crazy clump of resin out from a hard to reach place and lost my grip. It is now stuck in the resin at the back and its too far back to grab. I tried to get it with another paper clip but that didn't work. The paper clip has kind of a sticky coating on it already so its not coming out when I shake it. Any other ideas? I'm assuming I probably shouldn't smoke out of it now.
  2. try submerging it under water and shake it around or boil it i dunnno it might help
  3. Salt and Isopropyl alch. That would make it slide out.

  4. Hahahahahaha
  5. Definitely use some salt and isopropyl alc like Makaveli said.
  6. use a pipe cleaner of something to get it out... its probably safe to smoke still idk though depends some paper clips have a colored plastic coating... if its that kind of clip i wouldnt... other wise i wouldnt worry bout it itll come out evenmtually
  7. Good job.
  8. Get super blazed, smoking out the bowl, you will forget the paper clip is there until next time you clean the piece. Problem temporarily solved.
  9. I broke a sewing nail inside of my pipe just kept smoking threw then months later it was scraped...I found it...
  10. Tweezers? :smoke:
  11. its that paperclip kush bro
  12. i heard that was the super secret strain that won the cup last year.... supposed to be uber dank.

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