I lost 10lbs smoking weed!

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by TastyFlavor, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. I've been smoking for a month to relieve anxiety at night instead of binging and lost 10lbs. This plant is incredible!

    Anyone else experience this?
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  2. Howww, really how in the world this works for you? I have a terrible munchies after smoking only one vaporizer, i could empty the whole fridge :$ Do you have any healthy snacks to prevent that? :D
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  3. It works because I'm not actually hungry when I binge, I'm just stressed out and craving sweets or starches. I tend to not snack at night because my dinner in the biggest meal of the day. I eat a light breakfast and lunch (to avoid the mid day itis), a snack after coming home, then have a big dinner in the evening. So to answer your question I eat and then toke.

    What helps me deal with the worst munchies is glucomannan capsules or sugar free psyllium fiber powder, water, and a combination of fat and protein. A tablespoon of sugar free psyllium power in a cup of water, with some meat/nuts and cheese usually doesn't it for me, but I try not to eat at night because it interrupts my sleep. Instead I just drink water with some sugar free drink mix added.
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  4. While medications to treat anxiety conditions are often an important component in the management of anxiety, there is also many natural treatments like Avoiding prescription drugs, Avoiding Caffeine, nicotine or wine in the evening, Drinking valerian, Avoiding bad night habits etc. Your Weight loss isn't even the beginning of your many problems. There's much more to come i guess. I have smoked weed much longer than you have done, known people who have lost a lot more than just weight. Weed isn't bad, it's just not for everyone, you need to respect what you're dealing with.
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  5. I used to smoke and starve, then after some time my hunger died and now whenever I smoke I don't feel like I should eat anything.
  6. Who is this advice for, me or you?
  7. I've been looking into why I'm losing weight from smoking at night and I think stress has a lot to do with it.

    Right now, I'm taking two incredibly difficult science classes and finishing assignments for another class due this month. All while getting by on as little sleep as humanly possible, waking up at 4:00 AM, traveling 6hrs a day 4-5 days a week, and working out every other day. So, my days are incredibly stressful.

    With all of this stress you'd think I would panicking but I'm use to it from the Navy and summer classes last year. Sure, my stomach may be in knots right now but I will adjust to my schedule in a few days. I'm already getting used to polyphasic sleep pattern, microdosing with caffeine, and meal schedule which is where the marijuana comes helps.

    Because I have to get by on about 4hrs of sleep a night with another 2hrs in naps (just for right now), caffeine and food timing couldn't be more important. I have to schedule small caffeine doses so that the half-life doesn't interfere with sleep or take so much that I'm jittery in class, as well as eat small meals at specific times for an energy boost. I don't eat a set number of meals a day or worry too much about macros I just eat somewhat healthy and limit sugars.

    Where the marijuana comes into play is around 6hrs after my last dose of caffeine, right around that first half life when 100mg has metabolised into 50mg, and a few hours after dinner. I smoke a tiny bit, just enough to relax but not space out and then pass out.

    That's pretty how I've been using weed to lose weight. I eat whatever I want but eat healthy, drink a lot of water and sugar free drinks (not sodas) smoke a little bit before bed, wake up a few hours later, hit the books and then go to school.
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  8. Cannabis appetite management works by modulating spikes and dips in eating behavior. It can work both ways to either enhance appetite (munchies) and as an appetite suppressant. The effect you are going for depends on the strain in combination with what your body actually needs as opposed to what your confused mind tells you to do regardless of what is going on physically.
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  9. I'm down 18.4lbs

    Started at 245.6lbs on 5/17 and am 227.2lbs on 7/30

    My weight fluctuated up and down in the 230s for a month until I cut out sugar and white bread and stopped smoking too much weed. Then I switched my diet back to intermittent fasting with just lunch, dinner, and a protein shake, and started working out again.

    The weed still helps with night time cravings but I have to smoke right before bed and close my eyes, or else I will stay up and eventually get the urge to eat again.
  10. if you don't eat at the beginning, you would not wanna eat after. That's my way to keep shape. Healthier choice would be fruits and yogurt.
  11. Congrats!! Easy to put it on hard to get it off.
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    Quite a few people gain weight from smoking because of the munchies. Honestly though man, I highly doubt weed is the factor in what's making you lose weight. I actually lose weight easier if I take a t-break, because I have absolutely no appetite if I'm not smoking. But when I was taken milk thistle supplement I really lost 15 lbs.
  13. certain strains effect your appetite differently... for example- THCv in cannabis will reduce the munchies. somehow THCV works with Grellin/ leptin to reduce appetite.
    and phytocannabinoids are used in our bodies like endocannabinoids to maintain homeostasis of the cells.. this modulates the metabolism of the cell basically and modulates the signalling in the cells
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  14. It also has a lot to do with what you do when you smoke. I personally work my ass off around the house when I smoke. I’ll be outside “in the zone” and just forget to eat and sometimes even stay hydrated. I too lose weight when I smoke.
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