i lose my appetite when i smoke and ive lost so much weight?

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  1. ive been smoking for 6 months and I always have heard about the muchies but I’ve never gotten them before. In fact usually after I smoke I can’t eat even if I try and even if it’s something I love because I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I’ve lost over 30 pounds since I started smoking six months ago. Also I just was on a 3 week trip and I took a break from weed and my appetite went back to normal after the first week of no weed. Now I’m back home and smoking and my appetite has disappeared.
  2. I don’t think it correlates. Go to the dr.
  3. Well not eating isn't healthy......if it's that bad......you may consider stopping MJ
  4. I have noticed time after smoking i can either be hungry or not. However. If i dont eat ill be fine and can go long peri6without eating. If u want the weight loss then use it to ur advantage as long as ur getting the right amount of calories a day and depending what ur goals are. If ur worried about it then u should consider smoking when u wont be eating or not smoking at all if its super drastic. Possibly, u may react differently to edibles. Have u tried other forms of thc?

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  5. Congrats! There’s articles that say heavy users are thinner
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  7. Too high n lazy to feed yourself? :confused_2: been there done that, then U learn to cook/shop first. :thumbsup: Try other strains indica & sativa 2 see how they work 4 u
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  8. Im sure you can do better than wake up a 2 year old dead post as the member has long expired by now

    welcome to GC all the same

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