I LOATHE the dentist

Discussion in 'General' started by flowerchild420, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. So, everybody knows that going to the dentist is some crude form of torture but I would kill to be able to have an appointment before the middle of next week. You would think I was trying to converse and have a meeting with god or something. My jaw looks like someone punched me in the face and I have to stuff cotton in my ear just to keep the air from sending waves of intense pain all through my head!! Oragel is my new best friend and I have taken and snorted over 20 perc 10s and the pain is still there!!!!!! Marijuana isn't even helping at this point (and that is depressing as hell)!!!!!!!

    But anyway, I hope everyone else is having a better start of the week than I am (and its only Monday)........HELP!!!!!!! At this point, I may try a pair of plyers to pull my tooth because anything is better than this. Just wanted to rant and rave for a little bit because that seemed better than beating my head against the wall.

    Peace and love to everyone.................
  2. Oh, our poor Flowerchild. :( I'm sorry you're in such pain. Tooth problems suck and dentist's suck even more when they make you wait for relief. Yank that whip out when you see him and beat his ass down...after he fixes your tooth, of course!

    More pain will come if you try to yank it out yourself. Maybe try to take something that will knock you out so you don't feel the pain so much since the damn perc's aren't cutting it.

    Peace and love to you, girl! I'll send you some feel-good karma for your mouth! :)
  3. that sucks :( But youll get threw it
  4. No need to wait FC...

    Come on south and Dr. BH will fix you right up!!!!!!

    You know it's true!!!!!

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