I live next door to a band.

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  1. The dad died from cancer about a year ago, and the mom moved back to Japan. The son (early 20's) inherited the house. He rents the house to other young guys, and he lives in the garage. He also works and there's nobody home during the day. The band starts up anytime after 3pm and is rattling my windows by 5pm and thankfully they knock off around 9pm and spend 45 minutes grabassing in the driveway. I watch tv with the headphones on - I go into a room on the other end of the house to answer the phone - etc. etc...
    I myself was a roadie in my middle teens twice for 2 different bands. So I kinda understand and I think it's really cool they have a band and all. I don't want to be the asshole next door, but shits get'n old, y'know? Back in the day finding ways to insulate the garage was a DEFCON5 priority for our band (and the parents who owned the house) These guys sound like they're right outside my window. And aside from that, I don't really appreciate their "head bang'n" style, but that's not my concern. I understand I'm an "old fart" now. No problem.
    This shit has been tolerated for a year non stop and I'm thinking by now it's not gonna blow over anytime soon. So here's what I got in mind. I'll dip some zig-zag's in some qwiso and roll about 5-6 joints and wander over there and just start lighting up and passing one to the right and another to the left. While we're chill'n I'll work into the conversation the concept of insulating the garage. Of course it's gonna require some cash investment on their part, but I'd be totally satisfied seeing the project moving forward a paycheck at a time. And I fully intend to thank them for turning their shit off at 9pm.
    I've never had to do this before so I'm asking if you all think I'd get any positive results with this approach? Think I'm just wasting my dope?
    Anyone got a better idea? Or add to this one?
    And don't say call the cops and let them deal with it. Then nobody wins. I have a long standing, deeply embedded prejudice against cops and wouldn't so much as wish one of them bad luck with my last dieing breath and sure don't want any of them to know me.

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  2. Sounds like a good approach to the situation. Goodluck Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  3. I don't have much input, but its very cool that you're "old" and arent taking the typical "old" approach by just calling the cops.
    My dad used to be in a band, and we have a huge drum kit here at home. When someone decides to bang on them, its fucking loud. So I can feel your pain.
    Are you willing to help them pay for the cost of dampening the sound?
  4. I'm in a band and if an 'old fart' came over with some J's and explained his point reasonably I would definitely try and do something on my part. I would go for it and they should respond.... unless they're pricks.
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  5. Very sound approach, my friend.
  6. I say you just go over there and be straight forward with them and tell them about insulating the garage, tell them you're concern from the beginning but quickly offer to smoke them out with the joints to show them there's no hard feelings.It's just that I'd want someone to be straight forward with me. You don't want them thinking you're just wanting to be friends and then just throw in out of nowhere that the main reason you came over was to tell them to keep quiet lol
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  7. What if they don't smoke? lolSent from my SPH-M580 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
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  8. I like your idea. Maybe you could just go over there with the weed but before you even offer it up, tell them about the loudness. You don't want to come off like a push over and timid or they won't take you seriously but at the same time you don't want to be a dick. Tell them your roadie story so there's common ground and after that just so there's no hard feelings offer the joints. And I mean, if they don't respond to joints they will respond to nothing.
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  9. I would if I could. But I've been disabled now for 3 years and stress about being able to pay my own rent. I'd be more than willing to hang out and offer technical advise on how to tone their shit down a bit. Other than a few doctor appointments I ain't do'n nothing else.
    Thanx. I feel the same way. Just not sure. Times have changed and I'm dealing with somebody else's kids.
    HAHAHA! I like a guy with a sense of humor. I hope they do because I don't have any rocks to chop up.
    I hear ya, and I'll think on it some more. There's no real hurry. I was hoping to soften my presence by getting them high.  I actually desire to get along with my neighbors. If they turn out to be pricks about it, I can always sit home and fantasize about how an unattended amp left plugged in could burn the place down while nobody's home.
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  10. sounds like a great idea, if you came over with some oiled up j's id do whatever you wanted.
  11. If you talk to them and it turns out to be futile, and the cops can't do anything, I'd recommend buying or renting some very high-powered stereo amps and a large speaker system, aiming the speakers at the house where they play, and giving them a little taste of their own medicine.
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  12. Are you by any chance the guy next door? :eek:
  13. Naw but will move. haha
  14. simply put, play good cop bad cop.
    introduce yourself as the cool ass old guy living next door, shoot the shit for a minute, like everyone else said talk about your music history, then if they seem like the chill kind, offer some weed maybe. 
    if they come off as dicks and refuse to do anything about the sound, id straight up call the cops. 
    sometimes you gotta be an asshole to get what you want.
  15. Might cancel out their waves if I hit the right frequency.
    You got me thinking now. I know a guy who plays in a church band. Maybe I can get them to bring all their shit over and compete with all that devil music. They might do it for grilled weenies & beans.
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  16. Instead of playing music through your counter-setup, play porn.
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    Yeah, tell them that the boys' souls are under the control of Satan, and they need to hear really LOUD P&W music to get saved.
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  18. Get those dicks some headphones, they can hook up their shit so only they hear it lol
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  19. Tell us the results when you can
  20. Too bad you don't live next to the Motley house. You'd be partying err night

    'Too blessed to be stressed'

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